recipe: coconut vegetable curry, rice + peas + roasted plantain

As we near the end of Black History Month, restorative yoga teacher Donna Peart shares her final Afro-Caribbean meal – Coconut Vegetable Curry, Rice and Peas and Roasted Plantain. The history of the Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures, from Africa, to Europe to South / East Asia and the Middle East, and the … read more

recipe: spicy sweet potato, butternut squash + carrot soup

Ealing teacher Donna Peart has a delicious Afro-Caribbean recipe to share in our continued celebration of Black History Month. This one is perfect to warm your chilly bones as the leaves fall from the trees, and the nights draw in ever earlier. Spicy sweet potato, butternut squash and carrot soup. Read on for the history … read more

spicy butternut squash soup (thai style)

Soups can make the perfect satisfying and warming meal over the cold winter months. Try this spicy aromatic soup, which is a good source of fibre and other nutrients. Butternut squash is in season at this time of the year and is a good source of vitamin A and C, which help to support the … read more

golden latte recipe

A golden latte is not only a delicious winter warmer, but boasts some great immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, making this the perfect drink to get you through the cold and flu season. Our resident health coach, Sujata Din, explains more and shares her at-home recipe. Turmeric has been used for centuries in India and … read more

turkish delight summer smoothie

Enjoy this delicious (and easy to make!) summer chocolate smoothie to keep you nourished and cool. Both raw cacao powder and dates are very nutrient dense and high in minerals such as iron and magnesium so this is a decadent, yet healthy treat. The addition of aromatic rose evokes the taste of chocolatey Turkish delight … read more

CPress: detox – shake it up for summer

Hello! We hope you’ve become acquainted with CPress who are heading up our café spaces at triyoga Chelsea, Shoreditch and Ealing. We’ve teamed up with them for a series of blogs focusing on different aspects of health and nutrition and the yoga classes or styles that best support them. First up is your classic detox. In … read more

recipe: CPress’ detox smoothie

At any other time of the year a blog post on the best ways to detox might have little resonance. Post Christmas however, the queues outside London’s healthiest eateries are perilously long and you might risk getting frostbite whilst waiting for a table, an insanely expensive boutique gym membership never seemed like such a good … read more

recipe: chai tea

Reeya who works in triyoga HQ in our therapy department makes the most amazing chai tea – here is her recipe below so you can enjoy this warming and spicy drink whenever and wherever!  Ingredients (serves 2) Chai spices 6 crushed cardamom pods 1tsp fennel seeds 4 cloves 1 small stick cinnamon (you can make a … read more

recipe: winter bean stew

Eating healthy in the winter months Many of my clients share that in the past they have struggled to maintain a healthy diet because they got bored with the same meals and don’t want to be restricted to salads, especially in the colder months. Instead at this time of the year they want warm meals … read more

recipe: CPress’ favourite vegan salad

CPress have been growing and serving their nutritious repertoire of juices, coffee, snacks and salads across London since 2014 – and we’re excited to have them at Chelsea, Ealing and Shoreditch. In celebration of World Vegan Day on 1st November, we asked CPress to dish up their favourite vegan salad for us. Ingredients Quinoa Rocket … read more

triyoga’s top 7 vegetarian cookbooks

Get inspired in the kitchen and cook up a storm this National Vegetarian Week with our favourite meat-free cookbooks available in our centres. Be sure to have a browse on your next visit. green kitchen at home – david frenkiel + luise vindahl David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the faces behind the hugely successful blog, Green Kitchen … read more

recipe: vegan protein power smoothie

Here’s one of our favourite smoothie recipes from Jason Vale‘s book the Juice Master Keeping It Simple. This protein-packed smoothie is made with no animal products  (100% vegan!) and will get you ready for your next workout or sports event. ingredients  –  1/4 small pineapple –  2 apples –  1/2 ripe avocado (de-stoned + peeled) –  1 medium banana … read more