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Growing up in Seattle, Washington my family would often see people in the local parks – mainly hippies or Asians

Movember shines a light on men’s physical and mental health, which is increasingly recognised as a global problem, but why?

The health benefits of social connection Feeling connected to others and having strong social networks is important for our mental

The greatest improvement in our training performance may come from our preparation for it and our attitude towards training. This

In her fifth decade of committed meditation practice, Sally Kempton is a world-acknowledged expert in the wisdom traditions of India.

“If we love, we grieve” – Nick Cave People often say that time heals. To some extent that’s true, the

On Friday 2nd November, Eleonora Ramsby Herrera and sound therapist Slavomir Latko are teaching a two-hour yoga class accompanied by

Do you find your mind is full of clutter? Operating on autopilot? Hijacked by the thinking mind? In today’s busy

I’m Mark – I lead Kirtan at triyoga Ealing twice a month alongside Nikki Slade. I first came across Kirtan

In this blog I talk about reincarnation and the role of past life regression in excavating long forgotten memories –

We usually think of relationship as existing only ‘out there’, a fairy-tale ideal of the friend, lover, mother or father

We asked the teachers from our Bliss Out Weekend on what bliss means to them, and this is what they

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