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Located in our triyoga centres in Camden and Ealing, our infrared saunas are ideal for easing tired and tense muscles,

I have always enjoyed treating patients who have a great connection with their body or are able to explore this at a deep level. I find this

We often take our hands for granted, but just think what it would be like if you couldn’t use one

From our founder, Jonathan: “In the interests of transparency I have to own that it took me a few weeks

Children of all ages go through huge developmental changes in their bodies. Here we explore these beautiful and fascinating stages and how osteopathic treatment can

EFT and other self-care tools can help your kids deal with challenging and hard-to-manage emotions  It is normal to experience emotions that we label as negative and positive feelings.  But dealing with negative ones can be challenging for

To ground ourselves means to express the qualities of the Earth, to express stability. Not an easy thing to do because despite our best

Stuck for Christmas gift inspiration? Our retail team has picked out some of their festive favourites from the triyoga shop

Neck tension has become a very common part of modern day life and can have a big impact on our

This month CPress talk to us about all things rejuvenation. Summer may have cooled off a little for the time-being,

This blog post on energy couldn’t have come at a better time. We had always scheduled it in with our

Hello! We hope you’ve become acquainted with CPress who are heading up our café spaces at triyoga Chelsea, Shoreditch and Ealing.

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