triyoga charity

Read about how we can take our yoga off the mat to support and contribute to our communities, near and far – and how you can get involved

supporting local charities this christmas and new year

In the lead up to Christmas, each of our centres has chosen a charity or cause that is close to their heart and will be collecting donations throughout December. The charities are:

Camden: The Arlington Group
Chelsea: Glass Door homeless charity
Ealing: Ealing Soup Kitchen
Shoreditch: London Friend
Soho: Body and Soul Charity

Each centre will be collecting donations in a different way, ask staff in centre how you can help.

To start the year as we mean to go on, all our New Year’s Day classes will be by donation, with 100% of proceeds going to these charities as well, so please join us and donate what you can. To see the New Year’s Day class schedule, click here.

triyoga in action

At triyoga we are always looking for ways to take the practice of yoga beyond the mat, and triyoga in Action is an initiative that does just that through partnering with different charities in order support our communities, near and far. Since launching triyoga in Action in December 2015 we have raised over £16,000 for Refugees START, and over £15,000 for children’s charity Magic Breakfast. If you are part of a charitable organisation, would like to recommend one, or would simply like to know more about triyoga in Action please contact

teddy foundation

The Teddy Foundation is the not for profit arm of triyoga set up in memory of our lovely Teddy, the blonde Golden Retriever. Teddy lived and very kindly looked after Jonathan, triyoga’s founder, from an 8 week old puppy (Teddy that is!), from 1994 – 2007. Teddy met and greeted almost everyone who went to triyoga with a smile and many wags of his tail; he was particularly loved by babies and kids as a big fluffy toy to play with or lie against. Secretly, Kids Yoga class students really came to stroke Teddy. The Teddy Foundation ensures kids everywhere can enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga, because (as the song says) children are the future.

triyoga in the community

At triyoga we believe that yoga is for everyone. As part and our commitment to making yoga available and accessible to all we established the “triyoga in the community programme” whereby our graduate and soon-to-graduate teachers from the triyoga teacher training diploma offer yoga classes in charitable organisations to those in need. Organisations we have worked with include:
West Euston Partnership

If you know of any charitable organisation that would like to offer yoga classes to their community please contact We provide the teacher and the props.