Pilates teacher training at triyoga

Pilates teacher training (600 hours)

Pilates matwork training

option to learn apparatus

22nd Oct 2022 – 5th Nov 2023

teachers: Anoushka Boone + Mike Perry


Train as a Pilates Matwork and Apparatus teacher with Anoushka Boone and Mike Perry of Pilates in Motion at triyoga Chelsea. 

Sharing Pilates and movement with like-minded people is an enriching and life-affirming experience. As a teacher, you learn to guide and assist students in the self-trust process, so that Pilates transcends physical exercise and becomes a movement practice that is also a private communion with their body. You can choose the Matwork course (12 months) or the Comprehensive course (18 months), which covers Matwork and Studio Apparatus together. In order to provide the highest level of personal attention, the course is limited to 12 participants. 

Matwork course Oct 2022 to Nov 2023: 

In this one-year, 600-hour teacher training, you’ll learn how to impart your knowledge, skill and confidence in the Pilates Method so that your clients will be motivated to incorporate regular movement and exercise into their lifetime routine. This is a standalone course, as well as the foundation for the Apparatus teacher training. The 600 hours consists of 165 contact hours with the tutor plus home study, teaching practice and more. 

Comprehensive course Oct 2022 to May 2024:

Learn how to teach both on the Mat and on the Studio Apparatus. First you’ll complete the Matwork course, then continue until May 2024 learning how to transfer your knowledge and skills on to the various pieces of Apparatus and to teach in a studio environment. This option is a total of 18 months and 1,050 hours of training. 

The course is open to serious and committed students with a minimum of two years of regular and consistent Pilates practice, whether you wish to teach or not.  

Deadline for applications: 5th September 2022.  

There will be 40 hours of pre-course work (reading and online) to complete before the start. For course dates and times see below. 

course content

Matwork course

  • The embodiment of the Pilates Method – monitoring and evidencing practice
  • Anatomy and physiology as applied to the Pilates Method
  • Principles, fundamentals, philosophy and origins of Pilates Matwork
  • Assessing the Pilates client
  • Supporting and educating the client
  • Adaptations, modifications and contraindications for special populations
  • Collecting and analysing relevant information
  • Planning and designing a Pilates mat session (group class and 1:1)
  • Preparing to teach a Pilates mat session
  • Teaching and adapting, modifying and progressing a Pilates mat session
  • Re-assessment


Teaching Pilates can be a life-changing experience. It will continually bring you back to your earliest motivations to practice and add abundant clarity to the first questions you asked yourself about Pilates. These questions are almost invariably philosophical and personal, the answers shifting amid the currents of our lives. Who am I? What makes me feel happy and balanced? How can I make things easier and steadier in my life? 

The 600 hours consists of 165 contact hours with the tutor plus class attendance, home study, teaching practice and more. self-practice, supervised and unsupervised teaching practice, guided learning and 250 hours of home study and revision. 

Unlike shorter trainings that are available, Pilates in Motion Matwork course is a complete programme that covers all aspects of the Pilates Method and is supported by current research and clinical evidence. The length and depth of the training allows time for your own personal development, both theoretical and physical. As a Pilates in Motion student, you are continuously supervised, assessed and supported, to ensure that you are effectively learning the skills being taught. 

Several detailed documents are available with more course information and answering the most commonly asked questions. Contact anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org for these to be emailed to you. 


This is available on request. The Comprehensive course (Matwork and Apparatus) is designed to develop confident, thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates studio teachers, who are familiar with the different exercises on each apparatus and are able to break the exercises down to serve the individual. In addition to the foundation of the Matwork course, the Comprehensive course incorporates learning and teaching the repertoire on apparatus including the Reformer, The Cadillac, The Wunda Chair, The Ladder Barrel, the Spine Corrector, the Pedi Pole, the Bean Bag, the Foot Corrector and the Magic Circle. Please email anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org for full details and the extended dates. 

course structure

At triyoga Chelsea:

Module 1: 22–23 Oct
Module 2: 19–20 Nov
Module 3: 10–11 Dec
Module 4: 21–22 Jan 2023
Module 5: 18–19 Feb
Module 6: 11-12 March
Module 7: 15-16 April
Module 8: 6-7 May
Module 9: 3-4 June
Module 10: 8-9 July
Module 11: 9-10 Sept
Module 12: 21-22 Oct
Module 13: 4-5 Nov (summative practical assessment)

Course timings: 10am–5pm each day
Assessment days: 9am–6pm

A minimum of 80% of contact hours must be completed to graduate


Please email anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org for the additional dates for this option.

additional hours


  • 30 hours attending classes with a qualified teacher (group or 1:1,) where you receive feedback, pointers and input for further practice from the teacher. You will keep an attendance log.
  • 20 hours of self-practice (logged), as commitment to your growth, development and understanding of the Method and a natural part of a Pilates teacher’s journey, during training and after qualification.
  • 30 hours of supervised teaching practice. This helps you develop your teaching skills and confidence, and deepens your embodied understanding of the Pilates Method. Includes:
    • Passive observation
    • Active observation
    • Delivering a section of your session plan
    • Should be accompanied by a feedback session and/or a professional discussion. Self-reflection is key to successful completion of this course.
  • 20 hours of unsupervised teaching practice e.g. with peers on the course and with family and friends who volunteer their time.
  • Sessions with course directors. Anoushka and Mike monitor your progress throughout the course and you will meet them one-to-one formally at least four times to discuss your development and identify key areas for you to work on. These include:
    • Online support
    • Reviewing repertoire
    • Discussing case study
    • Mid-course review: Evaluating your progress with an action plan for further development
    • Evaluating your teaching practice
    • Professional discussion
    • Discussing your individual learning Plan
  • 75 hours of guided learning. This is time spent completing monthly assignments, multiple choice questions, worksheets, reflective journal of practice and teaching practice, writing up case studies.
  • 250 hours of home study and practical revision. This is the time spent:
    • Reading resources in preparation for module
    • Preparing for professional discussions with tutor/assessor
    • Completing worksheets, essays and short questions
    • Planning for session deliveries
    • Completing evaluation and reflection journals of:
      • Attending sessions with a qualified and experienced teacher (logged)
      • Observed attended practice with feedback
      • Self-practice
      • Monthly self-assessment.
    • Teaching practice on family and friends with reflection
    • Teaching and writing up case studies with reflection
    • Studying and completing written assessments.

An average week involves approximately 10-14 hours of study, e.g.:

  • 2 hours of observed attended practice with feedback session from teacher
  • 2 hours of supervised teaching practice with feedback from teacher
  • 8 hours of home study
  • 2 hours practising teaching family and friends



Email anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org for full details of the Comprehensive option, including breakdown of additional hours. 

learning outcomes


On successful completion of the training, you will:

  • Embody the Matwork exercises from Beginner to Advanced, with compassion and patience, and subsequently embodying the work and the Method while teaching.
  • Use a range of effective teaching techniques including how to demonstrate and verbalise the exercise with clear guidance that comes from your own embodied understanding of the Method, along with how to monitor and guide your student(s) during their session(s) with supportive and encouraging feedback.
  • Understand the fundamentals of group dynamics.
  • Develop communication skills for successful teaching.
  • Develop skills to teach the person in front of you. This is the key to helping your students thrive. The more you take time to understand and connect with your students, the more you will help them flourish.
  • Develop the skills of a reflective practitioner: to observe and notice your student’s actions, behaviours and emotions.
  • Be proficient at identifying the principles of kinesiology, motor learning and neuromuscular facilitation that help in the process of critical reasoning.
  • Plan effectively: to design person-centred sessions and programs with an understanding of their goals, their hopes and dreams, and their fears and frustrations.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the common conditions that many students present when referred to a Pilates session by other healthcare practitioners.
  • Be confident in modifying and adapting Pilates Repertoire exercises in relation to these common conditions.
  • Be skilled at knowing when to break down and modify movements to students of varying ages and capabilities.
  • Be confident in the practical application of the repertoire through the use of your Case Study and one-on-one sessions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Health and Safety issues and recognise how to deal with emergency situations.
  • Know how to promote and manage your business.
  • Be able to plan your further development as a professional Pilates teacher, including future action plans, and be inspired to continue your learning and development as a teacher and practitioner of the Pilates Method as a lifelong commitment.


The minimum pass mark is 70% for theory papers and 100% for practical assessments for your qualifications to gain accreditation.

You are expected to meet all the criteria set for practical assessment. You may have areas for improvement that will be marked as a pass with a comment from the assessor, and your tutor and assessor will guide you through this process.


Please email anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org for full information on content and learning outcomes.

eligibility + pre-requisites

This training is for serious and committed students with a solid foundation in traditional and contemporary approaches of Pilates. It requires a minimum of two years of regular and consistent Pilates practice, and is open to you whether you intend to teach or are a serious student who wants to deepen your knowledge and understanding but don’t currently intend to become a teacher.

You don’t need to be able to perform the most complex and challenging exercises. This is for students of all ages and abilities, who know their own limits and who have a desire to learn and deepen their understanding of Pilates.

Your Pilates experience should be through class attendance with a qualified teacher who gives you feedback through suggestions, modifications, adaptations and progressions, and an element of self-practice is viewed very favourably. You will be expected to continue taking classes with your current teacher. You will have to show that you have at least one qualified Matwork or Comprehensive Pilates teacher who has agreed to support you during your journey. Pilates in Motion graduates and teachers welcome students to their teaching sessions.


  • A basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • An existing practice both on the mat and in the studio. You are required to attend classes with Mike or Anoushka prior to course enrolment to experience their way of teaching and philosophy.
  • Serious and committed with a solid foundation in traditional and contemporary approaches to Pilates.
  • A support system. This could be your regular teacher, who will guide and support you during your process, or a friend, partner, husband or wife.
  • Completion of pre-course requirements (40 hours).

Pilates in Motion teacher training leads to a qualification that is held in high regard within the industry. It is crucial to be prepared. The pre-course resources will be accessible a month before the course start date, subject to your deposit being received.

how to apply

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and the course will have a maximum of 12 participants, Information provided is confidential and only seen by teachers and team members involved with the teacher training course.

1: Download and complete the Enquiry Form (red button, top right of page) plus the Referee Form and Second Referee Form.
2: Return these to anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org with two passport-sized photographs
3: Once the Enquiry Form and two Referee Forms have been received and your eligibility confirmed, the Application Form will be sent to you
4: Return your completed form as early as possible (31st August at the latest)  to Anoushka and pay your application fee of £50, using the details you’ll be sent
5: In your email returning the form, arrange a private session with Mike or Anoushka and an interview date
5: Interviews will take place over the summer
6: Once accepted, you’ll receive a link to pay in full or direct debit payment details if you’re paying in monthly instalments

Please ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements or explain any circumstances you would like the tutors to consider. Your application will be reviewed within seven days of submission.

For FAQs see link at bottom of page.



There is an assessment fee of £300, in addition to the course fees. On successful completion you will receive: 

Matwork Certificate of Excellence from Pilates in Motion
Certificate of Matwork membership of the Society for the Pilates Method Register of Teachers (SPMRT) 

additional information

Course fees 

Application fee £50. This includes an interview with Mike and Anoushka, where you can ask any questions about the course information.

Deposit £450 (does not apply to the early bird offer)


£3,900 if paid by 17 August, or
£4,000 paid after 17 August and before the start date (deposit* £450 due 2-3 weeks before start date), or
£4,180 paid in 10 monthly instalments (after the £50 application fee and £450 deposit, this is 10x £368)


£7,300 if paid by 17 August, or
£7,500 paid after 17 August and before the start date (£450 deposit* due 2-3 weeks before start date), or
£8,000 paid in 15 monthly instalments (after the £50 application fee and £450 deposit, this is 15x £500)

Course fee includes:

  • Full teacher training
  • All contact hours 
  • Tutorials and mentoring with course director
  • Pilates in Motion course manuals and handouts delivered via Dropbox

*Deposit covers the pre-course materials


Anoushka Boone

Anoushka is one of the UK’s leading Pilates teachers and has been teaching for more than 30 years. After attending studio classes for many years to help her recover from a waterskiing accident, her passion for Pilates lead her to become a teacher. Her most influential teacher was Eve Gentry, who trained with Joseph Pilates. Her wide experience has given her a very detailed understanding of the Pilates Method, and she brings a unique and intuitive approach to her teaching, blending Eastern and Western movement disciplines.

Mike Perry

Mike’s approach to teaching reflects his interest in both Joseph Pilates’ method and philosophy, and an evolutionary biology perspective. The benefits of Pilates on resolving a back problem were so profound that it inspired him to train as a teacher. Since qualifying in 2003 his motivation to teach has evolved, along with his understanding of Pilates and its potential role in health. His mission now is to help to transform lives, beginning with increased awareness and better movement which, in turn, can lead to better health, better relationships and better performance.

As a team Anoushka and Mike are committed to developing their personal practice and teaching by continuing to study with movement specialists, both theoretical and practical,  including leaders in biomechanics and physiotherapy, movement neurology, gymnastics and callisthenics, and contemporary dance. They share a strong belief in continuing education within the Pilates profession.

about Pilates in Motion

Pilates in Motion Teacher Training Courses offer an approach that encompasses both the Traditional and Contemporary approaches to Pilates. Pilates in Motion aims to teach Pilates as a discipline, within the greater context of human movement, with all its simplicity and complexity. Pilates in Motion believes that Pilates is a full body of work which must be experienced, internalised and thoroughly analysed before one is prepared to teach it to others. This remains true to Joseph Pilates’ own delivery of his method.

enquiry form

next course

22nd Oct 2022 – 5th Nov 2023


application deadline: Mon 05 September 2022

course start: Sat 22 October 2022


application fee: £50
course fee: £4,000
discount fee: £3,900 before 31st Aug


triyoga Chelsea
(Information evening at triyoga Ealing)


Download the enquiry form (red button, above), and email your completed form to anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org




Anoushka Boone
Mike Perry