mat pilates at triyoga

Pilates is for everyone. It works the entire body through a series of repetitive, mat-based exercises, helping improve your strength, coordination and mobility.

about mat pilates

Is pilates right for me?
Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age, body shape or fitness level. It’s particularly beneficial for people recovering from injuries, athletes and performers. Specially developed equipment is used to help you move more efficiently and freely in everything you do – from training for a marathon, to practising yoga or simply keeping up with the kids.

What are the benefits?
Not only does mat pilates help improve overall core strength, fitness and flexibility, it can aid in the prevention of injury and enhance posture, mobility and muscle tone. view the full list of pilates benefits

How much does it cost?
We offer a range of pricing options to suit everyone, from single class passes to great value multi-class packages offering significant savings. If you’re new to triyoga we recommend you start with our 30 days for £59 introductory offer which includes unlimited classes at any of our centres. View all mat pilates packages

How do I get started?
Take a look at our pilates class schedule and find a class time to suit you.

Pilates mat classes are a part of our regular class schedule and can be booked online or in centre 8 days in advance. 30% of class places are reserved for drop-ins. If you’re attending a triyoga centre for the first time, please allow at least 20 minutes prior to your class to register.

mat or equipment pilates classes?

which is best for you?

Find out everything you need to know about Pilates mat and Pilates equipment classes, so that you can choose what’s best for you.

the benefits of pilates

Improves fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Improves posture and mobility, including flexibility of the spine
  • Improves overall muscle balance in the body and creates a long and lean muscle tone
  • Improves stability and alignment of the major joints in motion, reducing occurrences of injuries
  • Promotes a more efficient and supportive core
  • Encourages efficiency of movement and improves performance of day to day movement and sports
  • Improves the function of the lungs and circulation
  • Complements training for athletes and performers
Aids with the prevention of certain health conditions
  • Builds better balance and coordination
  • Helps maintain and can improve bone density
  • Offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for seniors, pre + postnatal women and for a wide range of medical conditions
  • Stress reduction and detoxification
  • Restores physical vitality
  • Focuses on movement and breath, encouraging meditative states
  • Circulates the blood, improving cell function
  • Charges the blood with oxygen and purges waste gases through proper breathing
Helps to prevent injuries
  • Improves neuromuscular control, which creates more balanced strength throughout the body
  • Increases movement awareness, resulting in safer use of the body and fewer injuries
  • Better alignment, posture and more efficient use of the body