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Want to practise yoga or Pilates in the comfort of your own office, home or hotel?

Personalised sessions are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. With one-on-one attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your specific needs.

Beginners will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga and Pilates (postures, breath, philosophy) and can ask questions, break down postures and receive explicit alignment instructions. For those wanting to advance your practice, you will receive the teacher’s undivided attention as you explore postures, work through any obstacles and go deeper into your practice than you might do in a public class.

Group sessions at work and at home are excellent for creating happier and healthier teams, which means happier and healthier organisations.

one-to-one or group yoga + Pilates lessons at your home or workplace

These personalised classes cover all levels and styles of yoga and Pilates, from the most dynamic to restorative, as well as pre and postnatal.

Rates for lessons in person at your own location are as follows (flat rate for any group size):
60 mins – £80.00 (minimum charge)
75 mins – £100
90 mins – £120
105 mins – £140
120 mins – £160
180 mins – £240

Rates for lessons at any triyoga centre (subject to room availability) are as follows:
60 mins – £100 or £18 per head (whichever is greater)
75 mins – £125 or £20 per head (whichever is greater)
90 mins – £150 or £22 per head (whichever is greater)
105 mins – £175 or £24 per head (whichever is greater)
120 mins – £200 or £26 per head (whichever is greater)
180 mins – £300 or £34 per head (whichever is greater)

Rates for lessons online are as follows (flat rate for any group size):
30 mins – £37.50 (minimum charge)
45 mins – £56.25
60 mins – £75
75 mins – £92.50
90 mins – £110
105 mins – £127.50
120 mins – £145
180 mins – £215

Cancellations/changes may be made with no charge as long as at least 24 hours’ notice is given.

For corporate rates, and all bookings, please email Robin Catto at or call him on 07977451574 to discuss your requirements.

Want a corporate membership?

We offer a corporate membership scheme for companies ready to commit to employee wellness.

Click here to visit our corporate membership page for more information including rates and contact emails.

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