how is Inner Axis wellbeing different?

New to the Inner Axis system? Kirsten explains why makes Inner Axis unique and different from other yoga styles.

Inner Axis is yoga for people who don’t do yoga, and for people who do. In fact, it is for everyone and anyone who struggles with stress in this fast moving modern world of the digital age.

It offers the absolute essentials of breath, movement and higher intention for the bare necessities of happiness in life.

Inner Axis cuts through the complexity and the diversity of yoga without dumbing it down. This is plain-talking-everyday-yoga and emotional healing for all of us.

The Inner Axis system puts the breath at the core of the practice. It focuses on what we call ‘ocean breathing’, which is deeply transformative and powerful as it releases repressed negative emotions from the body to make way for more space, grace, strength and ease in the practice and life. It calms the nervous system and directly addresses the modern epidemic of stress.

Inner Axis encourages you to slow down, to tune in, to feel and to heal yourself in order to accelerate change in your life and in the world.

The practice builds a connection to our ‘inner axis’, our ‘midline’, ‘centre line’ and some people even call it the ‘divine line’. Whatever it is, it helps us reset. It grounds us and helps us be less reactive, more connected and able to open up the greatest opportunities of life, love, happiness and meaning – all while making us strong and flexible.

This is yoga for life – everyday life – for everyday people to experience extraordinary transformation.

Kirsten is an experienced yoga and personal transformation teacher. She has a multidisciplinary approach, which incorporates elements of yoga, martial arts, somatics, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic and Garuda. She has been practicsng yoga for over 16 years and teaching full time for the last 8 years. She runs her own studio, Studio Orchard in Buckinghamshire, as well as annual retreats in Ibiza and special events in the UK. She teaches Inner Axis, triyoga hot and the Gyrotonic Method at triyoga in London.


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