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Reformer Pilates

We’ve always had the best yoga studios in London – now we’re welcoming the best Reformer Pilates in London, at triyoga Shoreditch  and Camden.

We’ve taken our 23+ years of industry experience to design a bespoke Reformer Pilates concept based on the best bits of the traditional Pilates method. Our instructors are best-in-class: experienced, knowledgeable and Reformer Pilates qualified – not something you experience in many studios. A premium concept, led by elite instructors, with state-of-the-art equipment. All within the walls of triyoga.

Join us as we move with purpose to stretch + strengthen our bodies, soothe our minds and soak up the goodness Reformer Pilates has to offer.  

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What is Reformer Pilates?

Our Reformer Pilates concept was created with purpose at its core; full-body movement, centred around the traditional method – with a modern twist. We’ve always had the best yoga studios in London – now we’re welcoming Reformer Pilates to the fold. 

The Reformer Pilates bed and equipment was designed by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates. While our four class styles offer different levels of intensity, impact and energy, the foundation of our Reformer Pilates classes remain consistent; focusing on resistance movements to build core strength, using the springs built into the reformer bed. Changing the springs will change the resistance of a movement, increasing or decreasing the intensity. The reformer bed provides additional support for controlled movements.

Our Reformer classes focus on strength, flexibility, alignment and breathwork, with a class style for every interest. We know there’s no one size fits all when it comes to movement. Our Reformer Pilates concept offers four bespoke styles: Signature, Pace, Power and Path. In each class, experience 50 minutes of mindful movement. Strengthen your core muscles, while stretching all the way from your fingertips to your toes. 

Reformer Pilates Pricing

We have a number of ways to access our reformer Pilates classes. Take advantage of our intro offer, keep it flexible with credits or commit to your practice with a yoga & Pilates membership. 

Single Class

15 credits
£ 30
  • Flexible access to reformer pilates classes
  • Valid at Shoreditch + Camden
  • Credits expire 3 months after purchase

Intro Offer

unlimited classes for 7 days
£ 49
  • unlimited classes for 7 days
  • Use across yoga, mat + reformer pilates classes
  • Experience everything triyoga has to offer

Monthly membership

Unlimited yoga, mat & reformer pilates
£ 189 Monthly
  • Unlimited yoga, mat + reformer pilates classes
  • Use at all triyoga London locations
  • Commit to regular practice

Pilates Reformer Classes

In each class, experience 50-minutes of mindful movement. Strengthen your core muscles, while stretching all the way from your fingertips to your toes. There are four bespoke class styles to suit every purpose.

Grippy socks must be worn in all Reformer Pilates classes. And please arrive at least 10 minutes before class, as late entry is not permitted.​

Please note, at this time our classes are not suitable for people who are pregnant.

Our teachers deliver our formats from a vast variety of education and experience so while the class structure for any of our formats will be consistent, each format will be translated through the lens of the experience of each teacher and will differ accordingly. We recommend you try many teachers to find the teachers whose style works best for you.


Stability. Beginners start here.

This class is a pathway for people new to this style of movement, starting with how to use the equipment, key exercises and connecting the mind with movement. And, activating the core – everything in Pilates starts with the core! A gentler-paced class style focused on safe technique and the purpose of exercises that will still delivery a meaningful workout. You’ll explore activating different muscle groups, while tuning into mind and muscle connection. This full-body session will cover a full range of exercises to support healthy movement, in a calm setting designed for learning, growth and exploration.

Focus: foundations

Endorphins + energy: medium

Intensity: low-medium

Impact: low

Prerequisite: none


Mind + muscle connection. 

Designed for life, this dynamic functional training class is ideal for many, and focuses on form, technique and alignment for a complete full-body, low impact workout. This is a challenging, well-rounded reformer class ideal for people looking to improve mobility, alignment and flexibility, get stronger over all, and as part of a wider program for movement maintenance. Key exercises include small movements and isometric holds for muscular strength, full-range movement, and endurance. The Signature class is all about conscious coordination for complete connection between body and mind.

Focus: functional movement

Endorphins + energy: medium

Intensity: medium

Impact: low

Prerequisite: at least 1 Path class


Cardio + flow. 

Let’s pick up the pace in this class designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, while strengthening the core muscles. This Reformer Pilates class style is ideal for people who want to raise their heart rate through a steady flow of dynamic movement. Incorporating a section with the jumpboard (a trampoline-style piece of equipment) for added cardio (good for bone density, and a little extra oomph), plus small hand weights, this powerful cardio class works the entire body. Ideal for lower body strength however, not suitable for anyone with back, knee, ankle or foot injuries. 

Focus: cardio + core

Endorphins + energy: high

Intensity: high

Impact: medium

Prerequisite: 3-5 Signature classes


Strength + stretch.

All about flex + stretch – using body weight and the spring resistance for core activation and a full-body workout. We move slowly to create optimum time under tension, using isometric holds to build muscle endurance and strength. We move through sets of work and release exercises – work a muscle group (strength), then release it (stretch) – with flexibility exercises in between. This class style is about muscle progression, while also building mental strength and endurance. We’ll burn through each section of the body, one at a time – you’ll love it.

Focus: strength + sweat

Endorphins + energy: high

Intensity: high

Impact: low

Prerequisite: 3-5 Signature classes

Pilates Reformer Benefits

Improved balance & stability

  • Improves stability and alignment of the major joints in motion, reducing occurrences of injuries
  • Promotes a more efficient and supportive core
  • Builds better balance and coordination
  • Helps maintain and can improve bone density

Injury prevention & recovery

  • Improves neuromuscular control, which creates more balanced strength throughout the body
  • Increases movement awareness, resulting in safer use of the body and fewer injuries
  • Better alignment, posture and more efficient use of the body

Work on strength, flexibility & mobility

  • Improves posture and mobility, including flexibility of the spine
  • Improves overall muscle balance in the body and creates a long and lean muscle tone
  • Encourages efficiency of movement and improves performance of day to day movement and sports

Improved health and wellbeing

  • Focuses on movement and breath, encouraging meditative states, stress reduction and detoxification
  • Offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for seniors, pre + postnatal women and for a wide range of medical conditions
  • Encourages efficient breathing, improving the function of the lungs, circulation and cell function

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Reformer Pilates FAQs

There are two main types of Pilates – mat work Pilates and Reformer Pilates. Both are based upon the premise of controlled movement against some form of resistance. In mat work classes, all you’ll need is yourself and a mat (gravity will provide the resistance). In Reformer Pilates classes, you are based on the reformer bed and use various pieces of spring-based equipment for additional resistance.

Both mat and equipment Pilates, when practised with consistency, will improve your strength, coordination and mobility. There are many health benefits, such as injury prevention and improved recovery and performance for those who are doing sports training or practising yoga.

At triyoga equipment Pilates is available as a one-to-one session or small group studio session where you work with your instructor to structure a practice to your specific requirements.

Reformer Pilates classes are group classes with a maximum of 14-16 people per class (depending on the location), and are available to book via the timetable.

Reformer Pilates offers a full suite of physical health and mental wellbeing benefits, including:

  • Improved overall muscle balance in the body and creates a long and lean muscle tone
  • Stress reduction and detoxification
  • Improved stability and alignment of the major joints in motion, reducing occurrences of injuries
  • Promoting a more efficient and supportive core
  • Encouraging efficiency of movement and improves performance of day-to-day movement and sports
  • Improving the function of the lungs and circulation
  • Aiding the prevention of certain health conditions
  • Focuses on movement and breath, encouraging meditative states
  • Increases movement awareness, resulting in safer use of the body and fewer injuries
  • Better alignment, posture and more efficient use of the body

Reformer Pilates is great for all levels including beginners. At triyoga, we offer 4 bespoke styles of Reformer Pilates classes to suit different interests and levels. Every class style can be modified to suit individuals. We recommend starting with our Path class. 

Reformer Pilates is a moderate intensity, low impact class style ideal for developing core strength, full body alignment, and improving flexibility.

Our Reformer Pilates classes are not suitable for pregnant people. We recommend you chat to our front of house about our range of yoga classes and 1:1 Pilates.

Yes you can but you will need to be signed off for exercise by your doctor first. Please also let us know when booking and speak to the class instructor at the beginning of the class. 

To experience the full range of benefits of Reformer Pilates, the general recommendation is to attend between 3-4 classes per week. Reformer Pilates pairs well with yoga, as well as more high intensity workouts and cardio. In as little as 3-6 sessions, you should feel a difference in your body.

You can find our Reformer Pilates studio at triyoga Shoreditch. Our studio is easily accessible by public transport in London, the closest stations are: Shoreditch High Street (Overground) (3 min walk), Liverpool Street (Central Line) (13 min walk) and Old Street (Northern Line) (14 min walk)

Watch this space for announcements on more London Reformer Pilates studios coming soon. 

We recommend you bring grippy socks and a water bottle. Grippy socks are mandatory.

Grippy socks aid in keeping our studio and equipment hygienic and keep you safe on the Reformers. More grip means you won’t slip and they are required for health and safety.

To ensure class can start on time, please be in the studio and at your reformer bed at least 5 minutes before class commences.

For the safety of all members, unfortunately, class entry cannot be allowed if you do not arrive by the class start time.

Sometimes this happens. For the safety of all members, unfortunately, class entry cannot be allowed if you do not arrive by the class start time.

If you can no longer make it to a Reformer Pilates class, you need to cancel at least 12 hours in advance.

If you still have questions about Reformer Pilates or anything else then please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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