dynamic yoga classes

These classes are active and sometimes challenging. Attention is on the breath and fluid movement through sequences that work on improving and building flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. If you are looking to move at an energetic pace, whether that’s sun salutations characteristic of an Ashtanga yoga or a Vinyasa Flow class, or vigorous arm kriyas in a Kundalini yoga class, these are the classes for you.

Acro yoga

Acroyoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. Come with an open heart and be prepared to work in groups and pairs. Acroyoga classes are open to all levels, from complete beginners to more experienced students. View all acro yoga classes

Anusara yoga

A creative flow-style class grounded in Anusara yoga’s strong bio-mechanical alignment principles and heart-inspiring philosophy that takes us deeper into our practice. Suitable for all levels – modifications and variations will be offered. View all anusara yoga classes

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga is a system of yoga made popular by Pattabhi Jois. Linking breath and movement, students move through a set sequence of asanas that purify, strengthen and give flexibility to the body. Ashtanga is a dynamic and spiritual practice all at once. Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students, with options given for all levels. View all ashtanga yoga classes

Ashtanga yoga guided full primary

Taught traditionally as it is in Mysore, India – the spiritual home of Ashtanga Yoga – the full primary series begins with the opening chant and then moves rhythmically through the sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and finishes with the closing sequence. This class is counted using Sanskrit, but with explanation of each posture. Experience practicing Ashtanga is essential. This class is particularly suited to Mysore practitioners to help them refine the vinyasa technique where breath and movement are systematised. View all ashtanga yoga classes


Barre at triyoga is a fun and challenging practice which blends the movement and technique of Ballet with the precision of Pilates. Each class delivers an energising and effective work out for the entire body, helping build alignment, whilst strengthening the core and toning muscles. Exercises are performed with the support of a ballet Barre, small weights, Pilates balls and resistance bands. Posture is improved by continuous core work and activation of the smaller postural muscles. You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy this class and adaptations are given to suit all abilities.View all barre classes

Dharma yoga

Dharma yoga is a system of Hatha yoga based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra. Graceful, yet challenging, there are four levels suitable for beginner to advanced practitioner. The method can lead to a shift in one’s level of consciousness and a greater understanding of true nature. View all dharma yoga classes

Dynamic Pilates

Dynamic pilates is based on Joseph Pilates’ Classical mat, which is a series of exercises using core stability and intrinsic muscles to strengthen and sculpt the body through all ranges of movement in a flowing continuum.
Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students, with options given for different levels. View all dynamic pilates classes

Forrest yoga

The unique sequencing of this style of yoga created by Ana Forrest builds strength, stability and flexibility. Forrest yoga focuses on the breath, which helps generate energy in the core and unwind tension in the neck, shoulders, and hips. This class is taught in a warm room.
A good all round class suitable for those who are fairly new to yoga and those who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of yoga. Be prepared to work and learn at this level. View all forrest yoga classes

Jivamukti yoga

Founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York City in 1984, Jivamukti classes integrate the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. Classes include vinyasa-based asana practice, hands-on adjustments, breath awareness, meditation and deep relaxation.
Open to all levels from beginners to more experienced as the teacher adapts the class according to the students. View all jivamukti yoga classes

Kundalini yoga

Combining pranayama with posture and meditation, Kundalini was introduced to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. Experiencing a profound sense of personal transformation is not uncommon; teachers interpret Kundalini differently and here at triyoga we offer good spectrum of their unique teaching styles.Classes available for all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students. View all kundalini yoga classes

Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga

Mysore is named for the city in south India where Pattabhi Jois developed the Astanga yoga method, a spiritual practice that brings about a deeper understanding of the self. The class is not “led” but rather students work at their own pace and rhythm, practicing a set sequence of postures that are linked to the breath and easily memorised with regular practice. Students can come at any time during the session, and their length of practice will vary depending on their experience.
Open to all levels and suitable for beginners. View all mysore style ashtanga yoga classes

Prana Kriya yoga

An active practice where you’ll use the breath to activate all the chakras, stimulate the physical organs and enliven the prana (energy) in every part of your body and mind.Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students, with options given for different levels. View all mysore style ashtanga yoga classes

Shadow yoga

This school of hatha yoga, founded by Zhander Remete, works with dynamic sequences of both flowing movements and static postures to break down restrictions in the body, and develop strength and stamina. When there is space in the joints, softness in the tissues and stability in the centre, energy flows correctly, and the practice bears fruit. View all shadow yoga classes

Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa means “to place with special awareness and intention.” A popular form of modern yoga, the movement practised is continuous, smooth and unbroken. While class pace, style and intensity vary, emphasis is placed on harmonising the movements of the body and breath in creative sequences. Classes available for all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students. View all vinyasa flow classes

Wheel yoga

The yoga wheel is a unique prop that can help practitioners build both strength and openness, whilst also gaining a greater awareness of balance. The Level 1 class will focus on building core strength while also opening the front of the body (the hip flexors, abdomen, chest and shoulders) and will allow practitioners to use the wheel to massage the spine and release tension, particularly in the upper back. The Level 2 class will include these aspects, but will also work on shoulder stability, inversions and deeper backbends. View all wheel yoga classes

Yoga for sports

Whatever your sport, yoga can help improve your performance. By focusing on exercises that create better alignment, stretch muscles properly and develop critical strength, this class will help prevent future injuries and aid recovery from pre-existing ones. Emphasis will also be placed on expanding lung capacity in order to increase breathing efficiency.
Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students, with options given for different levels. View all yoga for sports classes

class levels

what do the class levels mean?

Classes are divided into styles of yoga, but also levels. Check with your teacher before moving up a level and always inform your teacher if you are pregnant or have any injuries.

open level

Open to all levels from beginners to more experienced. The teacher adapts the class according to the students.

level 1

Open to complete beginners, those in the initial stages of yoga practice or those seeking a gentler asana practice. You will learn the fundamentals of yoga.

level 1-2

Builds on the foundational blocks that are established in a Level 1 class. A working knowledge of yoga principles is expected.

level 2

Works on deeper physical and psychological level. Introduces more sophisticated practices that may include more challenging postures (inversions, deeper backbends) as well as pranayama, mudra and meditation. Not suitable for beginners.

level 2-3

Teaches more difficult postures and breathing techniques. Assumes an understanding of the gross as well as subtle aspects of practice.

level 3

A challenging class for the experienced student who possesses deep awareness on both a physical and mental level. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.