yoga for sports

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Boost performance, avoid injury and recover quicker with our specialised yoga classes for athletes and anyone who plays sports.

yoga for sports

available at camden, ealing and shoreditch

Do you play football or tennis? Run 10Ks? Row, box, cycle? Yoga is an excellent cross-training tool that can help improve your athletic performance in all these sports by stretching tightened and fatigued muscles, increasing mental concentration, improving flexibility, and preventing and rehabilitating from common sports injuries.

The New Zealand All Blacks, Wimbledon champ Andy Murray, and former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs have all had yoga in their training regime. They credit their success and longevity in part to it.

Our yoga for sports classes can help prevent injuries and aid recovery from pre-existing ones – and ultimately play more of what you love. You’ll learn how to stretch and strengthen muscle groups key to your chosen sport. Emphasis will also be placed on expanding lung capacity in order to increase breathing efficiency.

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