top-to-toe beauty

Who doesn’t enjoy a spot of pampering? Read on to discover our top-to-toe pick of the most beauty boosting treatments offered here at triyoga.


Skin + Tonic organic facials with Vanessa Gruninger (available from late May)
The ultimate indulgence – that’s great for you and your skin; organic, 100% natural Skin & Tonic products are used throughout this deeply cleansing and nourishing facial experience.

REN facials with Debra Morrice
Cleanse, tone and moisturise the REN way. Choose from a range of facials, for a truly bespoke treatment and naturally beautiful skin.

facial reflexology with Felicity Bevell + Ziggie Bergman
This beauty boosting treatment involves stimulation of precise points and zones across the face to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and a glowing complexion.


health + wellness programme with Sujata Din
Whether you want to combat sugar cravings, sleep better or simply feel your best self, Sujata’s guidance and expertise will help you work effectively towards your wellness goals.

four-handed lomi lomi massage with Daniel + Dora Roszik Csendes
Experience the ancient Hawaiian ritual of four handed massage. Daniel and Dora work together to deliver a soothing, healing Lomi Lomi massage which will leave you revived and deeply relaxed.

colonic hydrotherapy with Bernie Evers
Using a combination of passing warm water through the colon and abdominal massage, colonic hydrotherapy helps to detoxify and re-balance the whole body – they say beauty starts from within!


podiatry + medical pedicure with Yvonne Mattis
This callous targeting, heel smoothing and toe perfecting treatment will leave your feet feeling more yoga mat ready than ever!

reflexology with Felicity Bevell
Similar to facial reflexology, traditional reflexology uses the precise stimulation of points and zones across the feet to heal and rejuvenate – Felicity’s treatments also offer an intuitive twist!

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