new year’s day 2020: donation totals for local charities

New Year’s Day has always been a busy one for us as we see a swell of enthusiastic students come through our doors. Their positive, focused energy is contagious and something we feel deserves to be shared with the local communities we call home. For this reason, on 1st January every year, we open for a special schedule of donation-based classes. Instead of charging for these classes, we ask students to donate an amount of their choice to the centre’s selected charity on the day.

The totals are in for 2020 and together we raised nearly £4,000 from New Year’s Day donations for local charities across London. So, for everyone who attended class and donated, we’d like to extend a massive thank you for your contributions. Here is a bit more about the charities that each centre selected and the total amounts donated by students on the day:

£310 raised in Ealing for Ealing Soup Kitchen
Here’s a bit about why our Ealing centre chose this charity:
“Ealing Soup kitchen has been helping the homeless since 1973 and is constantly going the extra mile – not just offering food, but advice, warm clothes, and hugs. They are truly a heart centred charity and a big part of the Ealing community.”

Visit to learn more.

£1,710 raise in Camden for The Arlington Group
From the Camden team on their charity selection:
“The Arlington Group is a local charity that we continue to support for it’s fantastic work within the Camden community – striving to better people’s lives.”

Visit to learn more.

£392 raised in Soho for Body & Soul Charity
Team Soho shares the ‘why’ behind their charity pick:
“We picked Body & Soul Charity because we admire their whole person approach to helping those who have suffered from childhood trauma. They encourage people to heal, connect and grow allowing members to access a range of therapeutic services from legal support to psychotherapy to trauma informed yoga.”

Visit to learn more.

£445 raised in Shoreditch for London Friend
“Team Shoreditch chose this organisation as we are home to a very special LGBT(QI+) ally and recovery community, including members our very own team (staff, teachers + therapists), and our many beloved students. We believe that yoga is for everyone, and that we all can experience the self-love and self-healing that a yoga practice brings. On the mat, we have space to breathe without judgement; we can be our authentic selves. I’m thrilled to supporting this awesome, long-standing organisation and all the positive work they do.”

Visit to learn more.

£958 raise in Chelsea for Glass Door Homeless Charity
For the Chelsea team, the chose was simple:
“At our centre, we endeavour to cultivate a sense of home within ourselves and within our community and we feel it is our gift to honour and to spread that sense of home and community to those without.”

Visit to learn more.

Again, thank you to everyone who came to a class on the first day of the new decade and gave New Year’s Day donations to our charities of choice. Click here to learn about triyoga in the community.

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