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Pilates in Motion’s mission is to inspire you to step into your truth, to love yourself wholeheartedly and to empower your unique expression in the world. Pilates in Motion Equipment Pilates is available at triyoga Ealing only.

about pilates in motion

why pilates in motion?

Joseph Pilates was a creative genius and, as he himself claimed, his understanding of health and wellbeing was probably 50 years ahead of its time. Pilates in Motion teach the original Pilates exercises because they are great tools to facilitate easier, more efficient movement, but we’re not dogmatic. We have a varied movement practice ourselves and our decades of experience in integrating that with traditional Pilates allow us to use any exercise or piece of equipment that we feel could help you. In addition to Pilates apparatus you will also find, to name a few, kettle bells, barbells, pull-up bars and gymnastic rings in the studio.

We believe that Pilates is a powerful method of enhancing our understanding and sense of our bodies that impacts all aspects of our wellbeing. This sense of embodied self becomes the foundation for efficiency both in movement and at rest. The ability to ‘self-organise’, referred to by Joseph Pilates as self-mastery, influences all aspects of our lives, allowing us to behave with awareness, responsibility and trust in ourselves – and all our relationships. So whether your goal is to feel less stiff when you get up, to set a new personal best in the marathon, or to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, Pilates in Motion are here for you.


Anoushka and Mike have combined their knowledge, experience and passion for the healing power of movement to create a modern, uplifting Pilates experience, dovetailing perfectly with triyoga’s ethos. They taught at the original Primrose Hill triyoga site and the long and happy relationship between yoga and Pilates continues!
“Their chemistry, warmth and welcoming approach creates the perfect environment for anyone who wants to practice and learn about movement.”

As a team Anoushka and Mike are committed to developing their personal and teaching practice by continuing to study with a variety of movement specialists, both theoretical and practical. These have included: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS), Academy of Applied Movement Neurology (AMN), Functional Range Conditioning, Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey

Pilates in Motion is a founding member of the SPM (Society for the Pilates Method) www.thesocietyforthepilatesmethod.com. The SPM has been established by some of the UK’s leading Pilates teacher training providers and is committed to supporting excellence in Pilates education and teaching.

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pilates in motion Ealing sessions

private pilates classes

This one to one session is tailored to your intentions and needs. It is an introduction to how we teach and how the apparatus feels; and is essential if you want to address specific injuries, chronic pain, or physical limitation or if you wish you join a studio session.
After your initial private session we will schedule in three x induction classes. This will help us establish an initial program for the Studio class and the teacher will help to refinement your movements and progressions, developing at a pace to suit your needs.

studio pilates classes

During a studio class we will practice Pilates as it was done at Joseph’s original New York studio, incorporating Joseph Pilates’ exercises on the apparatus he designed: Cadillac, Wundachair, Pedi pole and Barrels. See further details below.

small group reformer classes

The Reformer is the centerpiece of the original Pilates method. It has gone through decades of refinement until it reached the design known today. Reformer classes are for students who have no pre-existing conditions or pregnant. It’s for students with fitness-related goals, such as getting stronger, more mobile and want a workout.

We limit the number of students per class to 3 and classes last 55 minutes. A Pilates in Motion reformer class:

  • Gives the opportunity for existing clients to progress to more challenging exercises that we may not cover in a Studio session.
  • Introduces Pilates in a more dynamic way
  • Provides a group experience, as in the Matwork.

movement consultancy (private sessions)

The most enduring relationship of your life is the one that you have with your body. Your movement is fundamental to that relationship. It can influence your resistance to injury and your ability to make a comeback. It can affect your efficiency, and your ability to access your full physical potential. It can change how you feel about yourself.

As this relationship deepens you will experience greater freedom, ease, confidence and control in your body. Our approach is to provide our students with the most appropriate movement methodologies and advice for their individual needs. Movement consultancy sessions are not limited to the use of Pilates apparatus.

private gyrotonic sessions

The GYROTONIC® method is a three dimensional breath based practise that focuses on strengthening and stretching the spine. Private GYROTONIC® sessions are available on request and can be booked in centre.

Pricing information for all Pilates in Motion Ealing sessions can be found here.

pilates in motion FAQ

Pilates in Motion is a form of Pilates that blends classical Pilates exercises with movement. This may involve walking, jogging, swimming, or any other type of movement. The aim of Pilates in Motion is to enhance flexibility, strength, and stamina. It can also assist in improving balance, coordination, and posture.

Pilates in Motion is an excellent means to achieve a comprehensive workout for the entire body. Additionally, it is a low-impact exercise, rendering it suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. If you are seeking a challenging and fulfilling workout, Pilates in Motion is an excellent choice.

Pilates in Motion Reformer and Pilates in Motion equipment are both types of Pilates equipment, but they have some key differences.

The Pilates in Motion Reformer is a large, rectangular frame with a carriage that slides back and forth. It is loaded with springs that provide resistance to the exercises. The Pilates in Motion Reformer can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, including squats, push-ups, bridges, and spine twists.

Pilates in Motion equipment is a more general term that refers to any type of Pilates equipment that is not a reformer. This includes Pilates mats, Pilates chairs, Pilates barrels, and Pilates towers. Pilates in Motion equipment can be used to perform a variety of exercises, but it is not as versatile as the Pilates in Motion Reformer.

Yoga and Pilates are excellent during pregnancy and for you and baby after the birth. However it is recommended that you do not practice yoga or Pilates in your first trimester. You can return to practice in your second and third trimesters, where yoga and Pilates are both fantastic supports. Find out more about our pre and post natal classes and treatments.

The wonderful thing about Pilates, is that you can never be ‘too old’ to start or practice. Yoga and Pilates are practices for life, and they can be modified to suit all ages, and levels of strength and fitness. Because Pilates is low impact, it is a safe way to build strength, flexibility and endurance without putting the body under strain.

If you’re new to mat Pilates the best way to start is with a level 1 class. If you’re new to equipment Pilates and the equipment studio at Camden, it is recommended everyone starts with a private starter assessment.

If you’re inflexible you’re a perfect candidate for Pilates. Pilates enhances flexibility; it’s not a prerequisite. So if like many of us, you’ve got tight shoulders, hamstrings, hips, quads…both mat Pilates and/or equipment Pilates will really help. If you are at the other end of spectrum and very flexible, Pilates is a great way to balance the body’s strength against over flexibility.

Yes – we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. To reschedule please call us on 020 7483 3344. Unfortunately if the cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, we must take payment as the teacher’s time has been booked. Read the triyoga terms and conditions.

Everyone new to equipment Pilates or Gyrotonic at triyoga must participate in a one-on-one starter assessment which can be booked over the phone.

After you have completed your starter assessment you can take advantage of our equipment studio starter pack which consists of 3 x one-on-one sessions.

From there you can either buy single sessions, or save money by buying packs of sessions (5, 10 or 20). You can choose from private (one-on-one), semi-private (max 2 people) or small group (max 4 people) sessions. Different sized sessions vary in price (small group sessions being the cheapest), but all allow for a high level of individual attention from one of our experienced instructors.

All session passes have a 12 month expiry date from purchase, except 5 classes which is 6 months.

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£250 per month

Studio Passes can be used at any triyoga, Barrecore, KOBOX, or Boom Cycle location in London.

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