new class schedule: a yoga for everyone

Our new schedule launches 04th June and, in it, we aim to provide something for everyone. This has always been triyoga’s intention since the day we opened our doors in 2000. Genny Wilkinson Priest, yoga manager at triyoga, explains what accessibility really means to us and what more we are doing to fulfil that vision. And don’t forget, all new classes are free to attend for the first week, 04th – 11th June – so if you would like to introduce a friend new to yoga or triyoga why not bring them as a guest to one of our new classes?

Twice a year at triyoga, we refresh and refine our schedules and this June we drew our inspiration from our own past. When triyoga opened its doors in Primrose Hill 19 years ago, our motto was, and still is, “everyone triyoga”.

It wasn’t just a play on words. We meant it. Today, we build upon that sense of inclusivity for we feel that though it’s always been an adage we have lived by, we can always do more.

What does it mean to be inclusive? No matter your age, your ability, your state of health or your background, our intention is to have a class in which you will feel comfortable and that meets your needs. Our teachers will work to meet you where you are, whether that’s in a Vinyasa Flow class, a Yin class or a chair yoga class.

We are committed to offering traditional – and in some cases modern – practices for everyone, and have below highlighted some important changes, or in some cases reminders of what we have always done.

– We offer 17 community classes across our five centres. These classes are half-price and taught by some of our most experienced teachers. In addition, we offer a 20 percent concessionary rate on all our drop-in and class passes for full-time students, job seekers, individuals with disabilities and those over 65 years of age. This we have always offered at triyoga.

– We offer classes for all age groups from babies (our mummy and me classes) all the way through to those older and might want to move slowly (chair yoga and yoga gently).

– We have added classes (and courses) for total beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice, and classes that focus on the more complex practices like pranayama (breath control) or dynamic practices like Jivamukti yoga.

– We have added a yoga for cancer class in Ealing – our third weekly one at triyoga, all of them taught by Vicky Fox. (Remember, this class is free.)

– In partnership with the UK charity OURMALA, we are offering a class for people seeking international protection, such as refugees and survivors of modern-day slavery. The Ashtanga-based practice helps improve the mental and physical health and enables participates to better integrate into UK society (please note this is not a drop-in class and referrals must come through

– If you have a disability, we provide assistance and work with you individually to find the best classes for you to attend. We will also provide similar assistance if you’re looking to attend a training. (We’ll also offer an accessibility training to our teachers in a few months.)

– Life can be busy living in an urban London where the pace of life is fast and furious. Our classes begin as early as 6:00 am and we close at 9:30 pm at night with classes throughout the day. We also offer shorter lunchtime classes for a boost (or a rest) on your lunch break.

– We have more classes with some of your favourite teachers, including Jinji Garland, Mia Togo, Sarah Lo, Hannah Whittingham, Ruth Voon, Leila Sadeghee, Jonelle Lewis, James Chapman, Chris Miller and Jessica Stewart. We also have some new teachers we would like to welcome to the triyoga family, including Tanja Mickwitz, Christian Di Giorgio, Darshna Parma, Amy Slevin, Kristyan Robinson, Celia Henebury, Nathalie Mukusheva, Luis Valentine (back from Paris) and Naomi Ananda (who used to teach with us back in our Primrose Hill days – nice to have you back Naomi!).

We welcome your feedback and will listen in an effort to do more.

Click here to explore the new schedule and to book a spot in one of the free classes during the first week. 

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