undivided: a 4 day urban yoga retreat

When setting out the theme for our urban retreat, the title becomes an all important focal point to capture the retreat’s essence and key message. In the retreat, we become like an archer, centre the arrow of our intention, take aim and let it fly. The title holds us until we arrive at our destination…


So what does this actually mean? To become undivided? We are well acquainted with its opposite – feelings of division; a sense of separation; or may be even loneliness; us and them. Early on we learn to see things as separate and this perception becomes a truth we choose to believe – a tangible felt sense of being apart. Fragmented. Disconnected. Yoga offers a means through which we can refine our perception, integrate the different aspects of our being and become…


As the events of our lives unfold, sometimes things happen that challenge us. So much so that we feel the deepest pain and we suffer. Sometimes we blame and sometimes we hide. And our hearts get wound up in the unfolding story. Our minds get stuck in a repetitive narrative and our energy gets caught up. The fragmentation that we feel begins to seemingly solidify and deepen into a suffering that perpetuates itself in a web of our own making. We have forgotten that in our heart we are whole and…


What if we could remember this fullness, dissolving and healing the inner divisions that cut deep, and so transform our perception? How would this impact our experience of living and our world? Can we discover and directly feel what has been hidden within us – that at our essence we are all the same and enough, perfect, whole. Yoga tells us yes we can. We can know at the deepest level that we are…


In this retreat, we will explore our essence that vibrates so beautifully through every animate and inanimate form. Through yoga practices, the power of story and turning inwards, we can perceive and experience this abiding oneness; heal and take back energy that is caught; open up to the love and the joy at the heart of existence. And, just maybe we can re-discover what has always been, but what was not always seen and become…


Join Anna + Jean at triyoga camden for their four day urban yoga retreat…
28-31 december
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