teacher focus: Corrie Ananda Preece

Corrie Ananda Preece is one of the fantastic teachers on our Shoreditch schedule. Read on to discover what her highlights have been as a yoga teacher, tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and more…

Tell us about your journey as a yoga teacher – what have been the highlights so far?

First and foremost, I am a student of yoga. Sharing yoga with others makes me accountable to its mystical traditions and the great yogis who have gone before me. I can never do them justice, but I can follow my path with integrity and share my experiences along the way. It is the exchange between myself and my students that is the highlight for me. Their thirst pushes me further, and between us we keep the flame of yoga alive and burning strong.

What inspires you to get on the mat every day?

Being with my breath in a quiet space for a designated length of time allows me to silently witness the play of thoughts and feelings that arise between my mind, senses and emotions. This process is a window to the narratives I choose for myself and the world. At first, it’s usually very busy. Feelings and thoughts rapidly flow through me: worthy/unworthy, connected/lonely, happy/sad, proud/humble, critical/accepting and so forth…. Then there’s a dropping away and in that moment none of it matters, it all just IS. And then it’s over. But when I walk out into the world, I feel somehow cleansed and clear, the metaphoric fog has lifted and I can see better. I have a better perspective on the world, my place in it and my fellow humans. I’m kinder, more aware, more receptive – and when I’m not, I know it! Practicing yoga helps me to be a better human.

Define your style of teaching in 3 words. 

Intuitive, kind and precise.

What are your top 5 tips for leading a healthy lifestyle?

1. Have a regular sleep schedule – 7-9 hours is optimal.
2. Eat whole foods closest to their natural state. This immediately limits stimulants and processed food, which though may taste good at the time, deplete your body soon afterwards, leeching your energy.
3. Drink plenty of water (tea and coffee not included!) – add lime and spirulina for an extra kick.
4. Get out of the city and re-connect to nature, walk barefoot if you can.
5. Spend time with people you love, who make you feel joyful.

What does a day in the life of Corrie look like?

My day starts at 3.45am. I ease into the day with hot water and lemon. Before teaching I do some standing postures or gentle stretching. My teaching schedule starts at 6am. And 10am is my practice time where I have two hours carved out of my day. I begin with asana and end with pranayama and 20 minutes of sitting. I then have a quick bite to eat before going to teach a private client. I usually get home around 2 or 3pm. I like to have a 30 minutes power nap as it allows me to be more productive and stay up later. Afternoons are dedicated to admin and study. At 4pm it’s feeding time at the zoo – 3 cats and 3 dogs. Humans eat at around 6. Evenings are spent facilitating GCSE homework and trying to stay awake. Bedtime is EARLY. Monday and Saturday mornings are spent waking naturally, enjoying a giant mug of my favourite Green Earl Grey tea and watching the sunrise.

How do you stay grounded teaching and working in London?

When I’m not teaching I spend a lot of time at home. I love being curled up with a cat on my lap, a dog at my feet and a book in my hand. I love home cooked food and spending time with my family. I avoid running around London as much as I can when I don’t have to. Walking in nature is hugely important. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t take huge hikes out to the countryside, but I walk in the park is a regular part of my daily routine. I rarely leave my home after dark.

 How can we encourage more men onto the yoga mat?

In Ashtanga Yoga there are always plenty of men in the room. There’s been occasions when I’ve had ONLY men in the room. Perhaps men need to be directed (initially) to the yoga styles that tend to attract more men. From there they will naturally orient towards the yoga style that suits them.

If you weren’t a yoga instructor, what would you be?

A beach bum. Or a painter.

Corrie teaches at triyoga Shoreditch. For her schedule and to book a class, please click here.

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