Stewart Gilchrist on digital dharma

atmasthe manası sasarirasya sulha-duhkabhavah sa yogah

When the mind is established in the Self, there is the absence of pleasure and pain for the embodied one. That is Yoga.

– Vaisesikasutra 5.2.17

As we become more engrossed in a culture hedonism and happiness so to does our media become fixated with that quick fix of pleasure.

Ragah of course is attachment, and along with its flip side dvesha (aversion).

Traditionally yoga and Hindu philosophy identifies these as major obstacles, or sources of affliction, which prevent us from experiencing yoga and subsequent liberation.

This week looks at how the transcendence of opposites (pleasure and pain for instance) can be achieved by the practice (abhyasa) of astanga yoga.

Join Stewart for a powerful exploration of what radical authentic yoga might look like in an online world. The workshop includes 7-day access to the online recording. Click here to book your place – ‘online workshop: digital dharma – the mind + the self’. 

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