why practise iyengar yoga?

We asked three teachers at triyoga why they practise iyengar yoga and how it has helped shape and support their practice and teaching.

Toby Field: ashtanga teacher

“The Iyengar method seems to continually blow my mind. Learning the most basic actions and scrutinising over them has played a crucial part in the development of my practise, especially when approaching advanced postures. Coming from a pure Ashtanga background I found the method to be incredibly challenging; it’s intense, laborious and often very gruelling, the results however, are second to none. The most significant benefit is that of time. I am now able to practice much less posture, and reap just as much reward. Sounds appealing doesn’t it?”

Sophie Coates: anusara teacher

“I was drawn to Iyengar and more specifically to Alaric Newcombe’s classes because I had heard what an excellent and highly experienced teacher he was. At the time 6 years ago, I was recovering from hip surgery and I knew I needed a much stronger alignment based class to help me recover. I now study twice a week with Alaric and it has made a huge impact on my practice and my teaching.  I’m much stronger; my body hurts much less now after practising and the emphasis on alignment has really helped me recover from my hip surgery. The main differences in the Iyengar classes are first and foremost you are really taught how to do a pose. I do encourage people to go to Iyengar and especially encourage other teachers to go to both Claudia and Alaric’s classes.”

Mischa Varmuza: vinyasa flow teacher

“Even though my heart lies with the creative potential of Vinyasa and Hatha flow I have much to say about why I practise Iyengar and love it. My body is very open and my joints are very mobile; although this can be fun for accessing some postures, it is also hard work finding enough stability and strength in some areas. Iyengar takes me out of my comfort zone and teaches me to find a safer balance of mobility and stability through very precise alignment whilst also being very strengthening. I think it is a great method to establish a safe foundation or backbone to any yoga practice and for students of all levels as the refinement potential in yoga is infinite.”

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