hot yoga level 2 – pushing boundaries

triyoga first launched its hot yoga program in October 2012 with what was then ground-breaking technology — teaching yoga in a room heated to 38 degrees with far infrared panels. The benefits were many — detoxification, heightened mental focus, weight loss, increased flexibility and a reduction of stress. The Mayo Clinic in the U.S. has said that far infrared heat can also successfully treat chronic health problems like rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure and indeed some of our students have reported feeling and seeing these benefits.

So popular are our Open Level classes that we have decided to introduce a “next level” class, where students will get the opportunity to push their boundaries a little bit further.

This Level 2 sequence closely resembles the Open class format, but there will be some new additions. One will be Sun Salutations at the beginning, to help awaken the body and calm the mind, build up stamina and increase flexibility. Sun salutes also offer the chance to practice a more conscious approach to breath and movement alignment. So, parts of the class will be more static, while other will flow more.

The Level 2 class also introduces some more advanced options — they might be Flying Pigeon, Forearm Balance, Crow and Upward Facing Bow. Generally, the teacher will pick just one to practice in the class.

Some experience with triyoga Hot is recommended, but it’s not exclusively for seasoned practitioners. You can always “opt out” of the more advanced postures and practice something more accessible for you on that day.

What I’m hoping to bring to the class is an integration of my “different” backgrounds: Hot Yoga and Jivamukti. There’s definitely great potential for harmonising the grounding qualities of Hot Yoga and the fluidity of a Vinyasa practice. The room will be slightly cooler (34-36 degrees) to allow for more movement than in the Open class.

The original name of the Hot Yoga method is Tapasya, which is a Sanskrit word that translates as austerity, or penance. The word is also referred to as “generating heat,” with the intention to purify one’s body and mind. In the Yoga Sutra’s it is described as “accepting pain for the sake of growth.” Quite a strong word then!

Yoga is a process of self-purification consisting of a series of internal and external activities geared to bring physical resilience and mental clarity. Nothing can be achieved if we don’t have the will to do it. To strengthen the will we must practice austerities. The stronger our will, the less we will be tempted to give in to instant sense gratification and waste time and energy in useless, or even harmful habits, directing the focus to our purpose.

The heat of the Tapasya Hot Yoga creates an extra challenge to test our mental strength and supplies the “fire” to burn away impurities off our bodies. It cultivates discipline and self-control, at times giving us the opportunity to push past our present limits and at others to learn to hold back a little and make a more efficient use of our energy.

Cristian teaches Hot Yoga Level 2 in Ealing on Sundays at 12:00. Level 2 classes are taught in all our centres. Visit here for the full schedule. 

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