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elevating energy + awakening your chakras

head shot of Shola Arewa triyoga teacher, chakras alignment workshop

Ahead of her workshop on the chakras, Caroline shares the benefits of aligning your chakras and a simple practice to balance your system and cultivate self-love. Not sure what chakras are? You’ll also learn the basics of these powerful vortexes of energy below.

We are complex beings of energy, information and vibration. We have a number of different bodies seamlessly intertwined – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In yoga they are referred to as sheaths or koshas, five in all. At the very core of our being we find the chakras, seven powerful vortexes of energy. Chakras are responsible for connecting us to the earth on which we stand while allowing for an elevation of consciousness that connects us to the divine. From the chakras emanates the radiant subtle energy field known as the aura. Collectively, I call this our energy anatomy.

To be in alignment energetically is to have your koshas, chakras and auric field vibrating in harmonious rhythm. This in turn creates physical alignment, which is characterised by a healthy, open and spacious physical body where all your organs can function optimally; along with congruence between your head and heart. Alignment is the harmonious relationship of your energy anatomy, physical anatomy, mind and emotions.

Yoga for physical and energetic alignment

Sustained yoga practice is a powerful way to train your physical body and energetic system to become more aligned. Ultimately yoga asana, pranayama and meditation create a state of coherence. Coherence is the integration of diverse elements, the coming together of diffused parts. An incoherent state is when we are all over the place, discombobulated, out of sorts, confused and chaotic.

Some everyday experiences create greater coherence, feelings of love, joy, bliss, happiness, laughter: anytime we lose track of time or become absorbed in a joyous event. That’s when we are likely to be more coherent and energetically aligned. Such experiences are often momentary and unconscious: we are often unaware of entering a coherent aligned state.

On the other hand, stress, worry, anxiety, physical pain and trauma can cause contraction to the physical, emotional and energy bodies. Energy flow and the capacity to freely expand becomes restricted and movement through the chakras is reduced. For example: anger causes energy to be restricted in the solar plexus chakra. Fear creates restrictions in the legs, feet, and root chakra. Think about it: when we are afraid we cannot move forward; it is as if we become rooted in one spot and energy cannot move freely through our legs and feet. Grief causes the throat chakra to suffer; it can become difficult to speak. Depression deflates the heart chakra, pulling the energy down and creating heaviness.

This is why it is so valuable to have a consistent yoga practice that helps keep all systems in balance; this in turn realigns us on every level. Through advanced spiritual practice, extraordinary states of consciousness can be developed, and prolonged states of coherence can be maintained. Yoga practice and developing your understanding of the chakras are powerful ways to re-tune and align the system.

Ways of aligning your chakras

Aligning our chakras means returning to a state of coherence. We need to remember ourselves, and to bring the disparate parts of ourselves back together. The best way to re-balance your system is to return to the sacred. The quickest way is through the breath, as it acts as an interface between the conscious and unconscious mind. Here is a simple Chakra Balance to create a state of alignment. This can be done at any time; however, consistent daily practice is the most beneficial.

‘Energy 4 Life’ balance practice

This practice balances your system and cultivates self-love. Minor chakras in the hands are used to channel energy through your body. The right hand has a positive charge and gives energy. The left hand has a negative charge and receives energy. This balance can be done either lying down or sitting comfortably.

– Gently place your right hand over your heart chakra and your left hand over your sacral chakra. Breathe deeply allowing energy to flow between your hands. Close your eyes and feel a sense of calm emerging. Relax and realign your energy.

– This balance draws on an infinite supply of universal love and compassion at your heart chakra. By placing your right hand (giving) over your heart chakra and your left hand (receiving) over your sacral chakra you are drawing an abundance of universal loving energy from your heart into your sacral chakra. I refer to the sacral chakra as “the sacred home of I”. This balance sends love from you to you. It also acts as a natural tranquiliser: give it a try now!

Whenever we take time to realign our chakras we sense a powerful surge in energy and peacefulness all around us As our koshas, chakras and auric field vibrate harmoniously, we will experience greater synchrony and synergy between our energetic and physiological systems. The more we practise the easier, it becomes to return to the sacred in our lives and reap the abundant gifts of alignment.

Caroline Shola Arewa is known as the Energy Doctor, for her pioneering and award-winning work with energy and the chakra system. For over thirty years she has helped people balance energy and transform their lives. Shola is a humanistic psychologist, yoga teacher, international speaker and author of five books including her best-selling books, Opening to Spirit and Energy 4 Life. She is the founder of the ‘Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training’. Shola helps you get your energy back and Life on track.

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