diploma teacher training: a student’s perspective

Our yoga teacher training diploma course starts soon (2nd November 2019) and the application deadline is just around the corner (30th September 2019). For those of you thinking of joining us on this 24-month adventure, please read on for a first-hand experience from a 2017 graduate. Then join us for the info evening in Camden to learn more. 

I started triyoga’s yoga teacher training diploma in my 50th year, 2017; a new phase of my life after practising yoga since 2006. Admittedly, I went into my first yoga class, in a gym, for “a laugh” but when I was told to take balāsana (child’s pose) it released feelings I was not expecting in a gym. I felt calm, safe, protected and my mind’s chatter quietened. That was the pose that hooked me into yoga and ultimately changed my life for the better.

I was a full time HR business partner when I started the course and now, in 2019, I am proud to say that the course has enabled me to have the confidence to become a part-time yoga teacher and part-time HR business partner.

The format of the course, averaging one weekend per month, allowed me to work full time (compressed week) and fulfil caring responsibilities, a great personal balance of time for me. It was made up of anatomy and physiology, philosophy and āsana (postures). Some highlights from each aspect are detailed below:

Anatomy with Chris Swain: postural assessments
This really helped me to cement all my learning and relate it to a yoga student. I gained a better understanding of how and why some students approach āsana in different ways. The postural assessment gave me the tools to be able to identify where a student’s anatomy may be affected by conditions creating an awareness of how that may affect their practice.

It was fascinating to hear the vast and rich history of yoga traditions from a highly knowledgeable tutor, Carlos Pomeda. I enjoyed gaining an understanding Pātañjali’s Yoga Sutras, one of my favourites being “Yogas-citta-vritti-nirodhah” Yoga is the stilling of the activities of the mind, helping me to understand the importance of the meditation practice.

Anna Ashby and Tony Watson are a superb combination, sharing their knowledge so openly. Each āsana session built on the previous one and increased my confidence in a safe environment. There was ample opportunity to put into practice what I learnt through the practice teaching sessions where we would break into smaller groups with one of the course assistants, past teacher training graduates, who would give us a couple of āsana to teach to the group and receive constructive feedback. The seven-step formula to teach āsana, Order to Teach a Pose, remains with me today.

Observing and assisting
This is where reality starts to set in. This is the part of the course that for me started to join all the learning together. Observing Anna and Tony teach on three occasions before assisting them gave me more confidence to teach and see how to sequence in practice. It was very insightful to observe classes while listening to familiar instruction of Anna and Tony. I found watching what adjustments Anna and Tony gave personally very beneficial. It’s a bit nerve racking your first adjustment on a student, but knew I was in a safe environment with tutors able to feedback on what they saw. I was fortunate to assist Panilla Marott weekly to complete my assisting hours which added to the confidence gained from workshops with Anna and Tony.

Mentor Group
Being part of a smaller group of students with one of the course assistants was really valuable in being able to discuss queries and help prepare for our mock and 18-month assessments. Emma Lecoeur, head assistant, was my mentor and was super supportive with advice and guidance with no question deemed silly; which was reassuring having not studied for many years. I found the course tough at times, but the mentor group and study group plus tutors created a space to want to succeed.

I also gained a fabulous group of friends to continue to share learning beyond the course as the teacher training course has provided me the desire to know more from the vast and wonderful practice of yoga. Thank you, Anna and Tony.

An information evening about the upcoming teacher training diploma course is happening in Camden this Friday, 28th September 2019. This event is open to all interested in applying for the triyoga teacher training diploma course. Click here for more information about ‘teacher training diploma course: information event’ and to book.

Click here for more details about triyoga’s 350-hour yoga teacher training diploma.