5 benefits of backbending classes

Vinay Kumar, otherwise known as “the king of backbending”, shares his 5 benefits of backbending classes.

Backbends and backbending classes can support with:

1. Increasing the oxygen saturates and oxygen level of the body

2. Reducing the stress accumulation in physical form at various parts of the body

3. Developing resistance towards stress accumulation and fatigue resulting from occupational demand

4. Increasing activeness by developing better blood circulation at various parts of the brain

5. Reducing the possibility of blood pressure variation and increases the efficiency of the heart.

Vinay is well known for his unique teaching-approach to each student individually depending upon his/her capabilities. In addition to the Prana Vashya Yogasana series and Pranayama, Vinay has developed a unique and powerful approach to Spine enhancement and flexibility and Muscle strengthening and development. Vinay’s practice techniques are also used as therapies for those who suffer from joint instability and muscle injuries. For more information visit www.pranavashya.com.

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