what reflexology can do for you

Learn all about what reflexology can do for you from this recent q+a with Cordelia Bugeja – a reflexologist with 13 years’ experience who specialises in fertility and pregnancy. 

Reflexology can’t cure disease or diagnose, but how can it help in other areas?
Reflexology is an ancient form of healing dating back to Egyptian times. It helps the body to aid itself by stimulating nerve points on the foot that correspond to related organs in the body. It can help unblock the nervous system to induce the flow of oxygen and blood within the body, cleansing the body from toxins and creating a sense of balance and well-being. For my clients, it has been beneficial for headaches, stress, digestive disorders, diabetes, pregnancy… you name it, whatever is happening within can be helped with pressure to the foot.

Is reflexology suitable for all ages (including babies)?
Absolutely, the pressure and technique may vary – especially with babies as they have a more sensitive nervous system. Pressure and technique also alter depending what that person is seeking help for, but all feet are welcome.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get reflexology?
A detailed medical history is taken, and the treatment will often change through various cycles of an illness such as cancer, surgery or pregnancy. These contraindications sometimes mean it is best to avoid the treatment due to medication or specific conditions.

Is there any science to support how reflexology can help certain areas of the body?
There is not much scientific evidence to explain how reflexology works – some suggest it clears blocked nerve pathways or that it helps break up the body’s waste products that crystalise around the nerve endings in the foot (of which there are 7200) In my treatments, I find that the texture, temperature, colour and sensitivity of the foot are important considerations, as is strong communication between myself and my client to achieve the best results

As a reflexologist we never claim to cure any condition as part of our code of ethics.

Cordelia Bugeja has over 13 years’ experience and trained at the London School of Reflexology. She continued to specialise in fertility and pregnancy reflexology where she trained alongside renowned practitioner and midwife Suzanne Enzer. Using ‘Advanced Techniques’, Cordelia’s treatments are deep and powerful.

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