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Reflexology is based on the principal that the body is mapped onto the feet, hands and ears and that working specific pressure points brings about change in the corresponding organs, glands or structures of the body. It is thought to help the free flow of energy around the body by improving the circulation and stimulating the organs of elimination. This is believed to bring the body back to a state of equilibrium, thereby promoting the body’s natural healing power. 

facial reflexology

SorensensistemTM facial reflexology, otherwise called Japanese Cosmo Lift Facial, is a holistic treatment that was founded by renowned Danish Reflexologist Lone Sorensen who developed the practice alongside thirty years of research into ancient medical traditions, such as Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points.

The treatment follows the same principles as foot reflexology – just on the face, using reflex points related to the body’s meridians in conjunction with a Japanese face sculpting technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and facial muscles to lift and plump the skin and benefit the entire body. The practitioner works with aromatic and nourishing rose hip oil as well as a cleansing clay mask and smooth crystal balls to cool and massage the skin.

This is a non-surgical, no-invasive beauty treatment that is effective in regulating the metabolism and hormonal imbalances, stimulating circulation and leaving the mind feeling calm and clear and the skin looking vibrant, younger and healthier.