overcome your inner critic: five tips to calm the mind

Overcome your inner critic with these five practical tips from rapid transformational hypnotherapist and holistic healer HueLan Tracy Chau.

Good health and happiness start from a calm and clear mind. Working with meditation is one of the most powerful ways to enhance health and wellbeing on the body, mind and spirit level. When practised regularly, it elevates every aspect of your life.

We’ve been taught that taking care of our physical health means eating a good diet, doing regular exercise and attending to basic personal hygiene like bathing and grooming. And while these things are certainly important, no amount of external self-care can make us feel good if we are not paying attention, taking care of our inner world and attending to our mental and emotional health.

Make your mind work for you instead of ruling you, and overcome your inner critic with these practical tips:

1 – Stay present and use your breath as your personal guide to help you stay focused throughout your day. Deep belly breathing for grounding and to increase your attention. Qi or prana needs to circulate freely and fluidly around the body. If you breathe from the chest you will end up with lots of traffic jams in the upper body and a busy/speedy head.

2 – Minimise external stimulus and technology use to avoid cluttering the mind. When the mind is excessively busy it restricts the head making one less emotionally resilient, easily overwhelmed and irritated.

3 – Space meditation (not daydreaming) – gazing gently into the horizon of the sky to help lift the mind and minimise looping thoughts even just for a long moment.

4 – Avoid excessive thinking since it can deplete the energy of the spleen affecting digestion.

5 – Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do. It’s very important you feed the mind with positive and uplifting words.

HueLan is offering a workshop in Camden on Saturday 11 January: ‘optimise 2020 with a happier, healthier heart, mind + body’. 


HueLan Tracy Chau is deep, nurturing and full of compassion. Her passion is to help her clients unlock their inner potentials to become a healthy, happy human being. HueLan is an advanced RTT and clinical hypnotherapist trained by Marisa Peer herself, a reflexologist, reiki and martial arts practitioner and a qualified cultivating emotional balance teacher taught by Dr Paul Ekman and Dr Alan B.Wallace under the guidance of HH Dalai Lama. She is also a committed meditator under the tutelage of Tsoknyi and Mingyur Rinpoch

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