mindfulness de-mystified

Are you feeling blue? Do you only want to hibernate these days? Want things to be different? Whatever you want to change – relationships, diet, shape, fitness, work – you will experience resistance. The mind tells us stories. Some helpful, some not. It’s time to train your mind, body and spirit all together. Melt away the infighting and begin to live with more freedom and connection.

Mindfulness based stress reduction and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are ways to support our needs for new healthy physical, emotional and spiritual habits.

Mindfulness practice frees our minds and bodies from unhelpful habits, pains and conditioning that limit our ability to change. Mindfulness is a way of life. You learn to understand your nature as a human being, rather than a human doing.

You will also cultivate human potential as well as: clarity, calm, happiness, kindness, wisdom, compassion, better sleep and rest, creativity, mindful listening and speaking, better relationships, immunity, well-being, digestion, eating, drinking, movements, exercise, problems solving skills, leadership skills, open minded curiosity, less dis-ease and more ease, a capacity to be present and resilience.

Mindfulness is often defined as “present moment, awareness of what is, moment by moment with kindness, compassion, and with discernment.” but is a universe more. It is a way of being in life. Mindfulness not only helps our selves but also benefits those around us.

Mindfulness based stress reduction and cognitive therapy are evidence based approaches recommended by the Mental Health Foundation – Be Mindful, MIND, NHS, NICE and The Government All Party Report MINDFUL NATION issued in 2015. The introduction courses are normally taught over 8 x 2 hour sessions and are regulated for safety, best practice by the UK Mindfulness teachers network.

Mindfulness is secular and based in ancient (Buddhist philosophy) and modern (neuroscience and CBT) approaches. This nurtures our understanding of our reactions to life’s challenges, joys, parenthood and everything in between. Mindfulness offers an opportunity to heal and calm mind and body; to let go of old thinking, tensions, old breath and unsupportive habits. It can awaken us to the wonder of the world we live in – riding the waves of life’s storms, stillness, surprises and difficulties like a pro surfer, dancing their way through life.

Belinda Freeman offers mindfulness-based stress reduction cognitive therapy (MCBT), mindfulness massage and integrative psychotherapy and counselling. Click here to view Belinda’s schedule and to book an appointment. 


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