Celest Pereira on hypermobility + the business of yoga: triyoga talks episode 27


One third of the population lands somewhere on the spectrum of hypermobility and the yoga community often praises this over flexibility of the joints, attracting a large number of hypermobile students. Being in the dark about your own or your student’s hypermobility can lead to serious injury.

So, what exactly is hypermobility? What are the common symptoms? What can be done to correct bad habits within your asana practice? And how can teachers spot and help to adjust hypermobile students during a busy class?

In this episode of triyoga talks, we explore all these questions and more with triyoga teacher and hypermobility expert Celest Pereira. We also touch on the business of yoga, top activities to supplement your practice, how to handle online trolls and tips for yoga teachers trying to succeed in an over-saturated market.

When discussing how to help individual students during a full class, Celest shares: “The components that can help someone who is hypermobile are actually the components who can help anybody. When you start to understand your biomechanics and when you start to move with integrity with the body and you turn on your stability muscles… oh my goodness your life changes.”

Click here to view Celest’s schedule and book to practice with her at triyoga Soho. 

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