triyoga talks episode 22: Carolyn Cowan on anxiety, addiction + sexuality

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Carolyn Cowan has lived an extraordinary life. Child model for Vogue, original 70s punk on King’s Road, body painter for music legends such as Freddie Mercury and Elton John – the list goes on and on. After two decades of drink, drugs and gambling, it was David Bowie who took Carolyn to her first NA meeting at the age of 31. She’s been clean and sober ever since – 29 years.

Today, Carolyn Cowan is one of London’s foremost Kundalini yoga teachers and a well-respected psycho-sexual and relationship therapist. Her charisma, humour and intimate understanding of life’s tough topics creates a friendly and authentic atmosphere that attracts a wonderfully diverse mix of students.

In this episode of triyoga talks, Carolyn discusses how losing everything and shifting identities has informed her fearless approach to living life and teaching yoga. She also shares her views on the 12 step programme and her belief that anxiety, compulsive behaviour and addiction are not diseases, but actions rooted in shame, abuse and trauma.

When asked about sexuality and inclusiveness within the yoga community, Carolyn says:

“Within the community of LGBTQI the expansion of yoga is a really cool thing because a lot of the meeting places are in clubs, bars and shows. So to also have these spaces that are sober and have to do with connecting, intimate connection and an expression of spiritual practice is really nice.”

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