How the Gyrotonic method can improve your yoga, barre, and Pilates practices

Gyrotonic for yoga in London

What is the GYROTONIC® method?

The GYROTONIC® method is a series of movement sequences on specialised equipment that was created by dancer and athlete, Juliu Horvath when he acquired a serious injury in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s, Horvath then built the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower (pictured) to support these movement sequences. Gyrotonic is now globally used amongst many types of movers, therapists, and doctors.

The Gyrotonic method focuses on:

  • alignment and mobility; contrast and decompression
  • how to stretch and strengthen simultaneously
  • releasing tight fascia and muscles, especially in hard to access areas

What equipment does GYROTONIC® use?

The Gyrotonic Pulley Tower 

  • was designed for uninterrupted, circular and spiralling movements – think swimming, rowing, ballet-like vocabulary
  • uses a weighted pulley system and two rotating handles for resistance and support in all planes of motion
  • Can be used for both as a rehabilitation or cross-training tool for all types and levels of movers

How can the Gyrotonic Method improve your practice with other modalities?


I’ve been practising all types of yoga over the last 20 years. When I started training in Gyrotonic within the last 10 years, the quality of my asanas quickly became smoother, more joyful, and with less pain and struggle, especially in my Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin practices. Thanks to Gyrotonic’s emphasis on spiralling movements with contrast and decompression, I found this an important key for transitions and control.


I’ve taught Barre for nearly 8 years now. I quickly learned that the challenge with these classes is being able to maintain proper alignment during really tough exercises. As Gyrotonic specifically trains in strength and mobility with rhythm and breath, you are able to access deeper muscle engagement to build a different kind of stamina – maintaining proper connection even as the body becomes fatigued. 


I’ve also been practising Pilates Equipment and Mat for quite some time now. I absolutely love how Gyrotonic and Pilates are similar in beliefs but are different in vocabulary and support – they’re like the Yin and Yang of specialised training. To find expansive movement, you’ll need stabilisation; once you have stabilisation you’ll need to challenge that with expansive movement. 

*At triyoga, if you’re planning to take or are already taking private equipment classes, you can mix and match your privates with Gyrotonic and Pilates on the same class package. 

Overall, the Gyrotonic method is worth exploring because:

  • it consists of a healthy combination of physiology and three-dimensional movement
  • can actively improve awareness of alignment within the whole body 
  • the specific hands on guidance by the trainer provides traction and length to reduce compression 

Lastly, combining the Gyrotonic method with other modalities can reset the body, mobilise and strengthen often neglected areas due to its unique approach to movement. No matter what your goals are this year and beyond, be sure to incorporate something new!

About Kindall Payne

Kindall has a background in Contemporary Ballet and Dance Science along with 10+ years experience teaching the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods. Kindall has worked with people from many ages and abilities to increase fluidity in movement and strength and awareness in alignment. She is also qualified in Gyrotonic Level 2 (advanced), Gyrotonic Applications for Dancers, Pre and Post Natal Applications, and Gyrotonic Principles in the Context of Osteopathy.

Kindall is available Mondays 1 – 4pm and Wednesdays 9 – 12pm in Camden.

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A word from Kindall’s clients:

I started Gyrotonic due to injuries in the hip and poor rehabilitation after foot surgery and I’ve finally got the connection back including recovered mobility and sensation in both my foot and hip!

– Maria, Dancer and Pilates Teacher

Within 6 sessions spread over a couple of months I have seen a massive improvement in my Climbing and Yoga practices. Kindall spotted hindering movement habits and, patiently, taught me how to move in a much better and smarter way. 

– Juan, Marketing & Business Consultant

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