how reformer pilates put a spring in my step

Reformer or equipment Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise to target specific muscle groups, improve posture, aid recovery from injury or simply strengthen the body and mind. One of our long-standing visitors, John Owen, shares his experience of his sessions and why it’s the hour he most looks forward to in his week.

“There are few things in life that I remain absolutely certain about. Near the top of the list is that my one-hour at triyoga Camden on Wednesday afternoon with Pilates instructor Monica Argenton has incalculable value.

“It’s now been four years since I first took my aged, inflexible, stiff-bodied, tight-hamstringed self to see her. Now approaching my 77th birthday, I attribute my enduring good health (may it last) to her weekly workouts and instruction. She has an uncanny ability to make an instant diagnosis of my state of physical play – stiffer back than usual, arthritic shoulders, ailing knees – and prescribe movements and stretches on the reformer and cadillac that restore me to as good a working order as someone of my age and wear and tear can hope for.

“I can also attest to how vital Monica’s sessions were in helping me to make a speedy recovery from my hip replacement surgery last year. Every time I leave from triyoga, I not only feel the effects of those pulls and stretches, but also walk out with a spring in my step and improved outlook on life. I am rejuvenated and reassured that whatever lies ahead in the week for me, I have Monica, Pilates, and triyoga to look forward to.”

You can practise private, semi-private and small group equipment Pilates sessions at our specialised studio in Camden.

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