embrace: film review

Donna Noble is a yoga teacher and champion of body positive yoga. Read on to discover what she thought of the film Embrace, which we’ll be screening on 8th September after a panel discussion on yoga and body image where Donna will also be joining us a panelist.


I was fortunate to have watched Embrace earlier this year, the film explores women’s often negative relationships with their bodies. This documentary was a wake up call for me and it will be for you… to discover how much individuals are hating themselves. The documentary is touching, evocative, smart, yet most importantly real and life changing. Sharing real everyday stories that everyBODY can identify with. At heart of the film is Taryn’s story – going from body hater to body lover.

Taryn Brumfit first found fame when a before and after picture she posted on Facebook went viral. The post showed her in body-builder condition, and in the other, proudly posing naked for all the world to see. I was also fortunate to interview Taryn when she visited the UK earlier this year and she explained how overwhelmed by the attention the photos received, she decided to go on a world trip to talk to other women and document the issue further.  Meeting an assortment of experts from Cosmopolitan’s chief editor Mia Freedman’s struggle to feature plus-size models on her cover, to celebrities such as Amanda De Cadenet, photographers and women that defy the current beauty standards.

One of most thought provoking moments is when interviews from every day women describe their bodies as “gross” and “disgusting”. It is a sobering moment in the film and symbolises exactly what the documentary aims to achieve, as mentioned by Taryn in a narration to her daughter and in the film’s title – for women to simply Embrace their bodies. But overall the most important message of Embrace is that appearance shouldn’t matter at all. Watching the film has made me even more passionate about evolving the image of yoga to make it even more diverse and inclusive. That’s why I champion all things body positive and I am a Global Body Image Ambassador.

As I truly believe that yoga can help everyBODY bring about self- love which will lead to self-confidence.  It allows you to appreciate, connect and understand your body. I see this again and again so many times on the yoga mat. As yoga has the potential to transform lives, I always say that yoga brings you home to yourself. The documentary has an indisputably important message and should be essential viewing for everyone.  I encourage everyone to go and see the film. Bring anyone with you that you can to soak up 90 minutes of sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes life-affirming goodness but most of all I am sure you will come away feeling as inspired as I did.

If you wish you check out my Interview with Taryn, click here.

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