Zachery Dacuk: the fascia body + the chakras

Zachery Dacuk is a yoga teacher and massage therapist with over 15 years’ experience in bodywork, yoga and anatomy. Over the years, he has drawn on his experience in these fields to develop Conscious Embodiment Training, an experiential practice blending postural analysis and innovative fascia movement. He has also created anatomy curricula and manuals for yoga programmes and students all over the United States, including renowned teachers Schuyler Grant, Nikki Costello, and Ame Wren.

On Sunday 11th November, Zachery will be coming to triyoga to lead a daylong workshop on the fascia body and the chakras. Ahead of his visit, we ask him to explain a little more about the workshop, who it’s for, and what makes him so passionate about this topic.

Who is the target audience for this workshop?

The target audience is predominantly yoga and Pilates teachers and students, but especially anyone with a particular interest in anatomy, fascia, embodiment, spirituality, chakras and healing. Anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves, their bodies and their practice is welcome.

What is the percentage of yoga to discussion?

The day will consist of around an hour and a half of meditation, two and a half hours of movement and a couple of hours dedicated to lecture or group discussion.

What will I learn as a student?

During the workshop we will learn about:

  • fascia as it exists in the visceral body
  • the vegas nerve: where it lives, what it does and how it relates to the organ body
  • the chakras and how they relate to the nervous system and the conscious self
  • movement as a way to make changes to the fascia
  • ‘inner sensing’ – how to feel the visceral fascia and be able to recognise blockages in the system
  • how to differentiate the visceral body from the muscular skeletal body
  • how to open up the central channel, release the vegas nerve and physically feel the energy of the nervous system
  • how to access the chakras through inner sensing, intention and understanding
  • how breathing supports all of the above

How will I benefit from the workshop?

Students will benefit by:

  • Opening up the organ body to support function
  • Clearing the mind and body to increase energy flow
  • Developing practices that will unblock physical densities or blockages that prevent access to the chakra body
  • Feeling more open, clear and empowered

Who can attend beginners or advanced students?

Advanced students and all teachers can attend this workshop. Beginners are welcome but should be prepared that this will be a challenging workshop.

What drives you to teach this workshop?

This workshop is the culmination of 20 years of practice and study of multiple disciplines. My aim is to blend some new cutting edge maps of fascia and anatomy with some ancient maps of meditation and chakras. By blending these maps in my own practice, I have been able to unlock understandings and parts of myself that I never knew to be possible. I am honored and excited to share these practices to support the same changes in others.

What do you love about this workshop?

I love how ancient and cutting edge understanding can be married together to simplify complicated ideas, potentially making them more accessible to all. I also love how the esoteric ideas of chakras can be translated into a felt experience.

Zachery’s workshop – the fascia body + the chakras – takes place on Sunday 11th November in Camden. To find out more and to book, click here.

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