Teaching Hot Yoga: A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Teaching yoga has been an incredible journey filled with joy and honour. It has not only connected me with my purpose but also allowed me to embark on a profound healing process and rediscover lost parts of myself. As I immersed myself in the practice of teaching Hot Yoga, I encountered my biggest shadows, and that’s when the real work began.

One of my shadows was battling with low self-esteem, which manifested in my ferocious approach to my own practice. I pushed myself relentlessly on the mat, ignoring the gentle whispers from my body. Unfortunately, this self-inflicted pain led to repetitive stress injuries, which made me question whether yoga was truly beneficial for me. However, a moment of clarity shifted my perspective—I realised that it wasn’t the yoga that was causing me harm, but rather my approach to it. This revelation sparked my interest in alignment and anatomy. Through my studies in Anusara Yoga and the 5 principles of alignment, I discovered that “alignment” extended beyond the physical body. It encompassed spiritual alignment as well. By bringing intention and meaning to my practice, I began to heal, both physically and emotionally, finding happiness and softness in the process.

Another shadow I faced was my struggle with articulating myself confidently. Since childhood, I stumbled over my words, fearing the judgment of others when trying to express something meaningful to me. Teaching Bikram yoga initially provided me with a scripted series to follow, allowing me to find my voice and build confidence. Eventually, I outgrew the script, becoming a teacher who communicated from personal experience.

Teaching a set series for eight years presented challenges: how to keep it fresh and engaging without slipping into autopilot. As the owner of a studio where Hot classes were immensely popular, I had to find ways to make my classes exciting. I experimented with creative variations of the same instructions, catering to different learning styles—visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and social. It became a game for me, connecting with each individual in the room, making them feel seen, welcomed, and even more comfortable in their own skin. This process honed my teaching skills and led me to a place of self-acceptance, embracing the beautiful imperfections. It is within those cracks that light shines through.

Leading teacher trainings has become a tremendous passion of mine. Sharing my years of experience brings me immense joy. You don’t have to be a Hot yoga teacher to benefit from the triyoga Hot Teacher Training. From June 17th to June 23rd, 2023, join us for seven days (60 hours) and experience a new perspective on how you see and respond to your students, as well as the opportunity to refine your teaching craft.

During the training, you can expect to:

  • Enhance your cuing techniques
  • Explore creative voice usage
  • Transition through sequences intelligently
  • Learn how to teach to different learning styles
  • Incorporate non-verbal communication
  • Deepen your understanding of alignment
  • Move beyond the physical and cue energetic alignment
  • Develop cuing formulas that transform you from an instructor to an educator

I am genuinely excited to meet you, practise with you, and gather together in circle. Let us remind one another of our shared humanness and delve deeper into our studies of self and spirit.


triyoga hot yoga teacher training

17 June – 23 June 2023 Click to lear more

About Kristin Campbell

Kristin Campbell (she/her) is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT® 500, YACEP ® Certified Yoga Teacher, teacher trainer and mentor for teachers. With passion and precision and a dose of mama-bear love, Kristin teaches embodied-alignment based hot-hatha yoga. In her classes, you can expect to go inward and connect to your breath and to ‘why’ you showed up.

Kristin’s love for hot, power and Anusara yoga led her to create an alignment based hot yoga programme that she calls Tapasya Hot Yoga (pronounced tah-pah-syah), a spiritually uplifting, alignment-based method of Hot-Hatha and Warm-Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. Tapasya means ‘to be with intensity for the sake of transformation’.

Kristin is trained in these lineages; Bikram, Anusara, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Yin, Yogini Birth Method, Shamanism, Ayurveda and Meditation.

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