kundalini yoga: a trusted friend

Discover a different class style with us each week as part of the ‘everyone try yoga’ campaign. This week, we explore kundalini yoga, starting with Sivaroshan Sahathevan’s 5 key reasons how kundalini can benefit us all.

The pace of life is unrelenting – just as one task finishes, another starts. It is an onslaught for the senses. The capacity to deal with such velocity is not possible, so we shut down or become overwhelmed. There are plenty of self-help techniques on offer, but even they become part of the information overload.

Humanity’s desire for choice is fast becoming our nemesis. The mind loves stimulation, and it gets addicted – we want more. As our consumption expands, our sense of disconnection expands. We are becoming vessels that are trapped in an accelerating world that does not serve out wellbeing.

what to do?

Reclaim yourself with kundalini yoga, a practice that is very suited to this technology-driven age. It was birthed by Yogi Bhajan for this time. It is a highly intelligent, practical and, above all, effective practice for everybody.

From day one, its main benefit is bringing you more awareness. It is relentless in the pursuit of its primary objective – you to be you.  It is the perfect counterweight to the forces pulling you away from yourself. It is a big puncher in a contest of heavyweight obstacles. We can identify kundalini’s effectiveness from five key components:

1) anybody can do it

Breath, mantra and asana are present in every class. Each of these techniques is powerful in their own right. When combined, they accelerate the capacity for the soul to rise from its slumber. It may be just a glimpse, but it is enough to loosen your bonds. Keep up with the practice, and you may find that those bonds can dissolve.

2) sense of community

Community is a strong aspect of kundalini yoga. It has a tradition of yogis of all levels journeying together and supporting each other.

3) expand personal power

As your feeling of separation diminishes, your sense of personal power expands. You become less hooked to habits, and the capacity to be manipulated begins to disappear.

4) shift stuck patterns

The body reflects the imprint of our lives; some helpful, others less so! Kundalini yoga digs deep and reaches beyond the crystallisation of our minds to heal the core of the pattern. The result can be dramatic; the body opens, emotion releases and limiting habits drop.

5) created for everyone in mind

Kundalini yoga offers a diverse set of teachings for a diverse age. We are all unique – one size does not fit all. Yogi Bhajan was inspired to create a teaching with breadth. Thus, kundalini offers a multitude of entry points and avenues for mastery. There is a vast body of knowledge to tap into. If you are working on a particular issue in your life, chances are there will be kriya, meditation, mantra, affirmation, special diet… etc. that kundalini help with.

With practice, kundalini yoga becomes like a trusted friend. It can be the constant in your life, providing support in work, love and play.

Sat Nam.

Sivaroshan looks to bring the essence of everyday life into his classes, sharing kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations that are relevant to the challenges we face in the world. His knowledge of the esoteric (such as numerology & astrology), his experience as an energy healer and his background in the corporate world, enables him to build a bridge of understanding for a wide range of people. He directs his classes to inspire students to catch a glimpse of their own true self. Sivaroshan is a KRI level 1 and 2 kundalini yoga teacher, and teaches regularly at triyoga Camden. For more information on Sivaroshan, see his website: www.sivaroshan.co.uk.

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