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Autumn is my favourite time of year – so much is changing all around us. The trees turn a beautiful array of rich colours, my kids go back to school in new classrooms with new teachers, and my favourite TV show Strictly Come Dancing reveals their new line-up. (My money is on Vick Hope this year.)

Change also happens here at triyoga every autumn with new schedules as we unveil new classes taught by our incredible teachers.

Even with all the changes we have incorporated, our aim is as it always has been – to offer something that works for you. Generally, we change our schedules every six months and it’s based on what you tell us you like and of course what you don’t.

We genuinely appreciate the feedback and hope you keep it coming.

When are we launching? On 2 October.

Why on a Tuesday? Because Gahl Sasson, our trusted astrologist, reckons this is the most auspicious date on which to launch and we want to do things right!

This schedule change has been a labour of love as we’ve worked with our genuinely amazing teachers, our friendly front of house staff (and of course you) to shape what we think is our best schedule yet. We should point out, however, that it’s an ongoing experiment and we are always testing ways to improve what we do.

Here are some of the key elements:

New classes

There are lots of new classes across all our centres and we’d love it if you came along to explore what’s on offer. For the first week, all new classes and classes with new teachers are free from 2-8 October.

More consistency

I’m a daily practitioner and I can’t maintain my daily sadhana, or practice, unless my teacher is there every day and at the same time. Even if you aren’t a yoga nut like me, it sure helps to have consistency in the schedule so you can regularly practise what you love.

So we’ve put some class styles on at consistent times throughout the week. For example:

  • Ealing: a post-school run Vinyasa class every weekday morning.
  • Soho: a Vinyasa Flow every weekday morning at 10.15am.
  • Camden: a Hot or Warm Vinyasa class at 7.30am Tuesday to Friday.
  • Chelsea: an alignment-based class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.30pm.
  • Shoreditch: Ashtanga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.45am.

More time with your teacher

It’s important to spend time with your teacher, so we’ve tried to make this easier. Emma Henry, Julie Montagu, Adam Husler, Imi Wiseman, Ayala Gill, Zephyr Wildman and so many more have additional classes at similar times throughout the week, making it possible for you to connect with them more often.

Our schedule is up online, so please take a look. Or, the next time you are in one of our centres, pick up the new printed version. You’ll notice we’ve changed those too – printing fewer schedules on less paper as we try to be more friendly to Mother Earth.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you love with these new schedules. And if you don’t, just let us know.

Click here to view our schedule online.

Genny is the Yoga Manager at triyoga, and teaches Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, triyoga hot and general yoga. She is an Authorised Level 1 teacher by the KPJAYI in Mysore and graduated with a distinction from triyoga’s BWY and Yoga Alliance-accredited teacher training programme.

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