the way to self love with zone face lift

Zone Face Lift therapist and reflexologist Gabriela Zajarosova shares details about Zone Face Lift, a holistic facial beauty treatment at triyoga. She explains what it is, how it is done and the benefits of adding it to your ongoing self care routine.  

These days you can hear many leaders, teachers and inspiring people talking about the importance of self love, self care and self acceptance. Some of us receive this information, but don’t know what to do with it. For a very long time I was searching for the answer to these questions:

– How can I better express self love to myself?
– How can I feel better about myself?
– What would be the best nourishing daily routine for me?

I needed something practical and tangible, and I needed to see the difference in the way I look and feel about myself… and finally I got the answer: Zone Face Lift.

What is Zone Face Lift?
Zone Face Lift is a combination of ancient healing techniques, Bergman Method facial reflexology and advanced massage techniques which are used to lift the face, sculpt the jawline, boost collagen, elastin and deprogram tense facial muscles. Ziggie Bergman is the creator of the Zone Face Lift – a wonderful new way to naturally age well and to lift both the face and the spirit.

The treatment takes into account the physical (activating the muscles and collagen) and emotional level of approaching the body (sense of feeling nurtured, taken care by someone, receiving kindness). It also supports inner and outer yin – feminine energy of slowing down and creating time to celebrate the beauty.

Zone Face Lift is a unique holistic facial treatment which can make you look 10 years younger in just 12 weeks. Just imagine how could you feel after being nurtured and nourished for three months? A new door will open up for you – one of loving your face. You will look and feel softer, happier and calmer.

Benefits of Zone Face Lift
The benefits of Zone Face Lift also include a softening of fine lines and wrinkles, tighter and younger-looking skin, eliminating acne and reducing puffiness, relaxing tight muscles, reducing sinus congestion, reducing stress by encouraging calmness and deep relaxation, bringing relief if you are suffering with migraine or headaches, a credible alternative to Botox.

Lift both your face and your spirit with Zone Face Lift
Show a commitment to yourself by following a 12-week programme. Twelve sessions will help you to achieve the best possible results creating lasting change in the way you look and feel about yourself. And as a bonus you will receive a guidance on how to take small steps in your daily life to transform the relationship with yourself – to one of a greater self love.

It is time to take a more loving and caring approach towards ourselves. Our body is a precious gift – let’s celebrate it. We are looking forward to seeing you in triyoga and supporting you in your self-care practice. You deserve the best.

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Gabriela is passionate about reflexology and its profound effect on the body, mind and emotions. She is a MAR Reflexologist, trained by Ziggie Bergman in her Bergman method Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift. She started to learn about it in 2010 with well-known International Reflexologists and has been practising for the past seven years in London. Gabriela loves art, respects nature and is aware of the power of the mind and the wisdom of the body which is the foundation of her “poetic style” creating a sacred space for her clients to enter into and reconnect with their bodies. She is currently adding to her skills by studying acupressure, foot reading and wave movement.

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