Discover the many ways to rejuvenate and pamper with our range of beauty treatments.

cosmecutis high-tech holistic facials

Personalised and prescriptive, these unique facials are a 360 degree approach to healthy ageing and wellbeing, combining scientific state-of-the-art technology with luxury medical grade products. This powerful synergy targets individual skin needs to achieve healthy, beautiful skin without downtime. These non-invasive treatments are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • cosmecutisTM body sculpt
    This high-tech holistic body contouring treatment targets problem areas affected by cellulite and fluid retention such as arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. The unique combination of stimulating skin brushing, toning vacuum massage, LED therapy and a powerful detox aromatherapy blend, eliminates stubborn fat deposits, excess fluid, and toxins in the deeper layers of skin tissue. This treatment stimulates collagen production whilst lengthening and toning the connective tissue, resulting in a leaner appearance and firm, sculpted and smooth skin. Internally, the metabolism, oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin and body is accelerated to increase energy levels. For maximum benefit, a course of treatments is recommended in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle plan, which will be determined at your first appointment. This treatment also includes a skin brush to take home to continue enjoying the benefits. (Please note, this treatment is only suitable to treat non-medical swelling.) The complete programme consists of 6 x 55mins/ 85mins treatments.
  • cosmecutisTM clear skin facial
    This detoxifying and purifying facial is purposely formulated to treat acne, blemished and breakout prone skin naturally. Beginning with a deep pore cleansing treatment, microcurrent technology is used to stimulate the skin and relax the tissues from within, while drawing out toxins and rebalancing moisture levels. Healing and regenerating high frequency is then combined with a face mask to produce an enriched form of oxygen that eradicates bacteria in the skin, dries and heals pustules, refines enlarged pores, and rebalances oil levels. Cooling metal rollers, infused with microcurrent and specialised products, glide over the skin to calm and soothe, whilst delivering cellular nutrition to intensely hydrate and repair. Light emitting diode (LED) therapy destroys remaining bacteria both in the skin and on its surface, reducing inflammation, irritation and redness, and regulating sebum production to prevent future breakouts. You will leave this treatment with a super clean, clear, and softer complexion. The complete programme consists of 8 x 85mins facials taken within 10 weeks.
  • cosmecutisTM pregnancy glow facial
    Exclusively designed to treat the specific skin challenges during pregnancy. This one of a kind facial combines holistic and neuro wellness, safe non-invasive technology, and hands-on expertise, to give you that pregnancy glow, whilst supporting you and your baby’s optimal health. Set to alpha brainwave music and relaxing hypnobirthing meditations, this facial includes Gemma’s Signature facial massage, customised masks, vacuum suction and LED technology to clear, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.  Gemma addresses the visible effects of hormonal changes such as acne, dull and dry skin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and melasma and concentrates on specifics such as improving jaw mobility, which can ease labour by releasing tension in the pelvis. This is a bespoke experience, incorporating nutritional, environmental and lifestyle guidance, to tailor your facial to your own unique pregnancy journey. Suitable for women from the 12th week of pregnancy right through to the end of lactation. The complete programme consists of 6 x monthly treatments.
  • cosmecutisTM prescription facial
    A bespoke and targeted facial that uses a non-invasive, holistic skincare approach to deliver instantly visible results. Cutting edge technology including galvanic, microdermabrasion (diamond tip), high frequency, vacuum suction, microcurrent, LED, and hyper customised skin peels, are used to treat individual skin concerns. This reparative and rejuvenating facial supercharges the skin at a cellular level with active ingredients to optimise the skin’s structure, function and long-term skin health. A transformative treatment, this facial will leave you with a visibly clearer, radiant, vibrant and youthful appearance. When you book the complete course of 6 treatments, holistic wellness guidance is given to support the skin rejuvenation benefits of the facial and promote inner wellbeing. The complete programme consists of 6 x 25mins/ 55mins/ 85mins treatments taken within 8 weeks.
  • cosmecutisTM wonderlift facial
    The natural solution to a facelift, this non-invasive aesthetic treatment instantly rejuvenates the skin and defends against the signs of ageing. A stimulating deep cleanse and vacuum massage boosts circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply to the face and stimulates collagen and elastin production, whilst detoxifying and removing puffiness. Microcurrent technology reprogrammes and strengthens muscle fibres, to visibly lift, smooth, tone and redefine the facial and neck contours, as well as plump out wrinkles and erase lines to give you a glowing complexion and healthier, younger-looking skin. Customised products, masks and light emitting diode (LED) therapy intensify the rejuvenating effects of this treatment. This bespoke lifting facial is both preventative and curative, targeting areas of concern including cheeks, forehead, eyes and mouth areas, jaw and neckline. The complete programme consists of 12 x 85min treatments: 2 x weekly for 6 weeks.

facial reflexology

Facial reflexology works on the same basis as foot reflexology. The precise stimulation of points and zones across the surface of the face sends impulses through the body’s central nervous system and meridians (energy channels) to the major organs and physical body, encouraging good blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and hormonal balance. As an additional benefit, the treatment stimulates the facial nerves, muscles and tissues, releasing held tension, encouraging better skin and muscle tone, improving complexion and helping to reduce wrinkles.

facial rejuvenation acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture helps to boost muscle tone and dermal contraction, especially in the face and neck. It improves both collagen production and metabolism of the skin, which leaves it firmer and more radiant looking. Within 10 to 12 sessions you will be able to visibly notice reduced lines, improvement in tone of skin around the eyes and reduction of puffiness. This treatment can help release long term facial tension and toxins, as well as stimulating the circulation, improving the complexion. FRA can also help diminish scarring and age spots.

natural face lifts

  • ayurvedic facelift massage – mukha abhyanga
    Classical method of facial massage and detoxification which is done by using herbalised creams, selected according to body type and skin type. The massage component focuses on the Marma points of the face, neck and shoulders which re-invigorates the tissues, tones, and refreshes the senses. This is relaxing and revitalising therapy, which improves tone and natural skin glow.
  • natural facelift massage
    Natural facelift massage is a combination of healing techniques including acupressure and lymphatic drainage, on the face and neck. This very relaxing treatment is perfectly developed to tackle the stresses and strains of our modern, fast-paced lives, working specifically on the lines and wrinkles that can give you that tired look. Using only the fingers, the natural facelift massage helps to pull up the skin, relax tense muscles that create and deepen lines on the face and bring back a healthy glow.
  • sorensensistem Japanese cosmo facelift
    Sorensensistem facial reflexology, also known as Japanese cosmo facelift, is a holistic treatment that was founded by renowned Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen who developed the practice alongside thirty years of research into ancient medical traditions, such as Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points. The treatment follows the same principles as foot reflexology – just on the face, using reflex points related to the body’s meridians in conjunction with a Japanese face sculpting technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and facial muscles to lift and plump the skin and benefit the entire body. The practitioner works with aromatic and nourishing rosehip oil as well as a cleansing clay mask and smooth crystal balls to cool and massage the skin. This is a non-surgical, no-invasive beauty treatment that is effective in regulating the metabolism and hormonal imbalances, stimulating circulation and leaving the mind feeling calm and clear and the skin looking vibrant, younger and healthier.

Neal's Yard organic facials

Only the very best is good enough to be used to make sensational Neal’s Yard products. Family run, community friendly, first skincare brand to one certified by Soil Association — the Neal’s Yard team has strong ethics to make sure all ingredients are handcrafted and organic. All the products are rich with essential oils and nutrients for the skin. Neal’s Yard facial treatments consist of a skin analysis, cleanse, mask, face, neck and shoulder massage with the product selected to each client’s needs. None of the products are tested on animals.

  • mature skin facial – with the use of rejuvenating frankincense range. Active ingredients noticeably reduce fine lines and wrinkles, deeply moisturise and leave skin toned and smooth. Suitable for all skin types.
  • problem/oily/combination skin facial – with the use of cleansing Palmarosa range. Reduces pores and balances sebum production, deeply mosturises, evens out skins tone and leaves skin mat.
  • normal/sensitive skin facial – with the use of re-hydrating rose/soothing Starflower range. Gently cleanses and deeply hydrates skin, reduces fine lines and leaves skin looking radiant.
  • express facial – is 30 mins of cleansing, exfoliating and a mask. Boosts skin’s radiance, hydrates, deeply moisturises and leaves skin toned. Ideal if the skin looks tired and needs a boost before an important event.

signature facials

Gemma Clare’s renowned Signature Facials combine the power of science with a holistic beauty approach to achieve your best skin. They deliver consistent results across a range of skin concerns including acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and sensitivity whilst optimising your skin’s health. Gemma uses top grade luxury medical products, packed with optimal ingredients, concentrations and delivery systems that deliver prescription strength formulations. All products are non-comedogenic and free of dyes, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and sulphates. Each facial begins with a consultation, which reviews the current skin care routine, skin health and a general state of health to determine the most appropriate treatment plan and aftercare for each client.

  • express facial (25 mins) – is perfect for those with hectic schedules and is suitable for all skin types. Starting with a double cleanse, followed by exfoliation or an enzymatic peel, and then a specific massage or face mask, the treatment concludes with a serum and eye cream of potent actives and moisturisation. This top-up facial is perfect for keeping your skin clear, plump and dewy whilst on the go.
  • deep cleansing facial (55mins) – is the perfect antidote to urban living and is tailored to skin’s specific needs. A thorough double cleanse removes harmful environmental pollutants, impurities and excess oil. Exfoliation or an enzymatic peel removes dead skin cells and brightens the complexion, while extraction (where appropriate) is carried out to further purify and refine pores. Finally, Gemma’s signature face, neck and shoulder massage flushes out toxins and excess fluid to relieve congestion and improve the circulation, as well as relax facial tension and balance acupressure points to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
  • anti-ageing facial (85 mins) – is a luxurious hands-on facial perfect for ageing and maturing skin. A natural peel effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal a youthful glow, whilst Gemma’s powerful signature facial massage restores facial muscle tone to visibly lift and sculpt the facial contours. Cryogenic algae mask containing a host of active ingredients including spirulina, proteins and amino acids, is applied, which instantly firms and hydrates the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst improving cell function, longevity and tissue quality.
  • hypercustomised skin peel (25min/ 55mins) – combining the best in luxury and medical, with a clean science approach to skin, this regenerating facial gently and effectively resurfaces and brightens the skin. A variety of peels, containing pure acids, antioxidants, anti-ageing and brightening ingredients are applied to improve texture and tone, revealing radiant, soft and luminous skin. This facial effectively treats a variety of skin conditions such as acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, as well as breakouts, dullness, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Every treatment includes a post peel skincare kit to enhance and maintain the benefits of the treatment. The complete programme consists of 6 x 25mins/ 55mins treatments.

rejuvanessence facial massage

Rejuvanessence® is a facial massage course described as the ‘fingertip facelift’ and ‘angel’s touch’. Clients are able to drift off into an alpha state of relaxation whilst the therapist works through a sequence addressing the 91 muscles of the face and neck, freeing stuck connective tissue, improving blood and lymph flow, giving diet and nutritional advice. Visible results can be seen after only one session.

REN facials

REN Facials use only the best natural products, which are free from synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients, silicones or parabens. A REN facial will rebalance and nourish the skin, stimulating facial muscles and relaxing facial tension.

  • REN Skin as it Should Be Facial: (60 mins) Truly pampering experience tailored to individual needs. Whether the skin needs re-balancing, re-nourishing or decongesting, this treatment will encourage healthy skin metabolism and self-repair, leaving your complexion clean, recharged and radiant. Suitable for all skin types.
  • REN Skin Detox Facial: (60 mins) A purifying, deep cleansing, anti-blemish facial designed to purify and calm the skin leaving it clean and evenly toned. Ideal for combination/problem skin prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Skin & Tonic organic facials

Organic Skin and Tonic facials will nourish, balance and decongest leaving your skin feeling fresh, healthy and looking radiant. Skin and Tonic skincare is based on the principles of purity, simplicity and sustainability. All ingredients, especially the plant oils, are packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and omegas to help maintain cellular skin health for a youthful appearance. Each product reveals a unique aroma- therapeutic scent, enhancing their skin-balancing effect.

  • Skin & Tonic Bespoke Facial: After assessing the client’s individual skin-type, products are chosen accordingly to deliver the best results. While cleansing, gently scrubbing and nourishing client’s skin with carefully selected products, face is rejuvenated using face lift massage techniques and face reflexology stimulation points. Best suited for sensitive, dry and mature skin.
  • Skin & Tonic Detox Facial: This unique facial protocol looks to deeply cleanse and decongest clogged pores by using the Skin & Tonic detoxifying range. Specific massage techniques are used to stimulate the release of toxins in and under the skin. The green clay mask and lymphatic drainage ensure the elimination of toxins out of the client’s system for good. Best suited for blemish prone skin as well as oily-­combination skin.