what is vibrational sound therapy?

From globe-trotting professional DJ to Tama–Do vibrational sound therapist, Tracie Storey’s fascination with the universal power of sound spans over two decades. So, what exactly is vibration sound therapy? And how does it help people reduce stress, relieve pain and treat major ailments? Tracie gives insight into this lesser-known therapy at triyoga and offers a 20% discount to first-time clients during May 2019. Details below.

What is vibrational sound therapy with bio-resonance?

Vibrational sound therapy uses stainless steel tuning forks on the major acupuncture meridian points, so it’s like acupuncture but instead of using needles (like in traditional acupuncture) this is sound acupuncture and uses tuning forks instead.

The roots of this therapy are very much in alignment with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The sound vibrations travel down the meridians to work on the body at a cellular level. These effective tools can be used to dissolve negative energy patterns and activate the meridians which are sedated.

The sound therapy uses 12 classical tuning forks made from the highest quality stainless steel. Precisely calibrated and tuned to the chromatic scale of the piano. The tuning of the forks gives a deeper and longer lasting resonance on the physical body. The 12 notes of the forks match the 12 main organs. By working with sound intervals, we are working within a mathematical relationship and it’s within this relationship ‘between the various notes’ that a transformation can take place.

The bio-resonance very much works on the ‘field’ around a person, it’s like having a shower, clearing and cleansing space around the physical body.

What to expect in the session? How do people feel afterwards?

There are many benefits to one-to-one sessions. Firstly, it’s deeply relaxing and on an emotional and mental level the sessions really help to reduce stress and anxiety. Vibrational sound therapy helps to tune you back into your natural state of being, the calibrated tuning forks used in the treatments are non-invasive, so perfect for people who don’t like needles. The benefits of using sound in this way results in a purification and detoxification of energy within the body. Clients leave the sessions feeling much more grounded, balanced and far less stressed.

Each session is tailored to the individual client’s needs, so there are a number of different techniques which can be used depending on theme of the session. For example, if the client is super stressed, the musical spine technique is very effective. The vibrations work down the vertebrae helping to release tension and stress in the back. Most of the time clients fall asleep with this method – and it’s one of my favourites.

What can vibrational sound therapy help with?

The treatments offer deep relaxation, release tension, reduce stress, relieve pain in stiff joints, nourish the organs, address ailments, release blockages and stagnant chi along the meridians.

The sessions can help with insomnia, severe back pain and more severe ailments, such as cancer and depression. The Tama-Do vibrational sound therapy techniques – which I’m trained in – work on several different layers besides the physical body. They will also work on the more subtle energy bodies, helping to calm and balance the emotions and can also reconfigure some deep rooted issues.

What health issues and ailments do you see the most of?

All sorts of people come to see me for treatments, people who are going through emotional issues, stress issues, anxiety and people who are going through deep changes in their life and are looking to make some changes in their life. These treatments often find people at the perfect time.

The most common ailments that I work with are stress related, over worked, people suffering with back pain, muscular issues and various clients with cancer. These clients come to specifically work with the dissonant frequencies that can work to break up cells on a cellular level. Tama-Do founder, Fabien Maman, did a lot of research with this particular type of therapy in the 1980s.

I also work with clients who are drawn to the work and are looking to create transformational changes in their life. When working with the physical and the subtle energy bodies, we can start to look at all aspects of a person’s life.

What drew you to become a vibrational sound therapist? 

My foundation was established in the 1990s exploring the transformative power of dance culture as a professional DJ and producer. I travelled extensively throughout Europe and America and this experience offered insight into the universal power of sound and technology which inspired me to embrace sound and vibrational sound therapy as a life calling by searching out new teachers, mentors and training. I started studying Bio-Resonance in 2011 and never looked back.

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