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Tarot readings are among one of the lesser-known treatments offered at triyoga. Each reading is a truly unique experience, conducted by an intuitive guide who uses a special 78-card deck to help shed light on your current life path. We recently caught up with tarot reader and shamanic healer Dana Mayer to learn more about tarot readings and how they can be used for intuitive guidance. If you’re curious and want to give it a try, Dana is offering 20% off first-time client readings during May 2019. Details are provided below. 

What is tarot reading?

Originally derived from a mid-15th century Italian divination game, tarot uses a series of universal pictorial archetypes as a way of accessing information that may be outside your conscious awareness. There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, all of which have upright and reversed meanings, as well as endless patterns into which they can be arranged depending on the information sought.

Why would I come for a tarot reading? What can tarot readings help me with?

People who come for a tarot reading are often seeking clarity or additional information about life issues. Popular topics are romance, major life decisions, house moves, career and so on. A recurring question at triyoga seems to be “Am I on the right spiritual path?” – though almost any question is suitable. Tarot readings can help you to back up your own intuition about a situation or give a fuller picture of an issue. I won’t read on whether someone is pregnant or going to die as a question, practically everything else is fair game.

What can I expect to happen during a tarot reading?

The way I read tends to have a psychological and emotional focus, and I am completing a body psychology training as well. The psychologist Carl Jung also used tarot as a way to understand personal and universal archetypes, and I am very much on board with this. I offer shamanic healing as well, which is another way into the personal and universal dreamworld. The information and healing obtained in this altered state dovetails nicely with the information gained by asking the tarot specific questions.

We start by having a chat about the issues being explored and formulate a clear question or questions to ask. A deck is chosen, a spread laid and the cards relevant to the issue interpreted, with the opportunity for you to ask more questions at any point in the process. You are free to ask multiple questions and have multiple spreads relevant to those questions. During and after a reading, you are likely to feel a greater sense of clarity – a greater awareness of possible pitfalls up ahead and the choice to take different action if need be. Tarot can also be fabulous for confirming that the path you are on is likely to leave you feeling fulfilled and content.

What sort of questions can be answered during a tarot reading?

Although tarot can have a predictive element and we can ask questions such as “If I do ‘x’ is ‘y’ likely to happen?”, I believe we all have free will and the ability to make choices and changes. When the reading occurs it’s like a “snapshot in time” with the things most likely to occur based on the information to hand and the plans being formulated at the time of the reading. As I like to say to clients, if you woke up tomorrow and suddenly decided to hop on a plane to somewhere halfway around the world on a whim, it would very likely change the outcome of the reading. That said, if you are choosing between particular paths, tarot is good for showing what’s most likely to happen on each path based on the parameters at hand. I like it when the predictive element of tarot confirms a client’s intuition or deep feelings about an issue – for me this is the best use of tarot and it happens often.

You don’t have to be psychic to read the tarot, but it helps. That said, each of us is intuitive, and tarot is a tool for honing psychic abilities and intuition. The cards have traditional meanings, but in a reading, they can take on meanings particular to the client and the client’s question – when this happens to me in a reading and the client confirms the message’s accuracy, it’s a reminder that the cards are a vehicle for intuition/psychic work.

A common question answered — what about the death card?

Tarot has often been given a bum rap in popular culture and in movies like the Bond film Live and Let Die, as something scary or sinister. While there are cards which are archetypes for dealing with aspects of the unconscious, repetitive patterns, addiction and profound change, the tarot will not bring bad news in itself or suddenly cause bad things to happen. People particularly get scared of seeing the death card, but in all my decades of reading tarot I have only seen it flag up a literal death once. Overwhelmingly, the death card signals profound change which is deeply felt and which needs to happen. 99% of the time the client already has an idea that this change needs to occur – so it serves as a confirmation of intuition rather than something sinister and scary.

Dana Mayer is a shamanic energy healer and tarot reader who brings together her knowledge of energy healing, shamanic methods, tarot and psychology to deliver a treatment unique to each client. She offers tarot readings and shamanic healing at triyoga Camden. Click her to view Dana’s schedule and to book a tarot reading or shamanic healing. 

If booking during May 2019, click here to enjoy 20% off your first reading as a new client. 

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