osteopathy for pregnancy + postnatal

  • what is osteopathy?

    Osteopathy is a hands on approach for addressing all manner of body symptoms through an understanding of posture, biomechanics and physiology. Even though the word ‘osteo’ suggests it’s to do with bones, osteopathy is much more about integrating the whole body and mind rather than just treating the skeleton.

    Contrary to what you might think, osteopathy is:

    –  not just for bad backs
    –  perfectly safe throughout pregnancy (treatment can be easily adapted to your stage of pregnancy and your specific situation)
    –  not just about clicking and crunching! There are a number of gentle and effective techniques that are suitable for pregnancy and postnatal.
    –  applicable even in different situations such as a twin pregnancy, gestational diabetes or thyroid issues

    what is osteopathy good for?

    Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, yet all too often it becomes too medically managed. Osteopathy at this time can help to support the changes that the body goes through and mitigate potential issues. Old injuries can sometimes return in pregnancy, and it’s important to prevent a worsening in the symptoms.

    Pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy can help to address a wide range of mechanical symptoms such as back pain, rib strain, wrist issues and pelvic pain. Osteopathic treatment can also be given for symptoms such as constipation, tiredness or emotional ups and downs.

    Treatment is specific to your body and to the stage of your pregnancy. A wide range of techniques is used and sequenced in a way that helps the body to feel nurtured.

    In the last few weeks of pregnancy, osteopathic treatment can help with ‘optimal foetal positioning’ to help the baby to get into a good position for birth. Our sedentary lifestyles can make this more challenging, so yoga and osteopathy work particularly well at this time. Treatment focussed on the lower back, pelvis and hips can be advised to prepare well for birth.

    Once you’ve had your baby, you may be experiencing symptoms to do with the birth or demands of tending to a baby. It’s important to take care of yourself, so you can look after your precious baby. Women’s health osteopathy deals with pelvic floor issues using internal and gynaecological techniques that can help to regain function.

    On a more subtle but equally important level, treatment can help you to connect with your baby and your body. It can give you space to let your busy mind rest and your body relax. Having continuity of care with a pregnancy practitioner can also help to make your pregnancy more special and important, building trust.

    Avni draws from a varied background in osteopathy, zero balancing, shiatsu, medical acupuncture and NLP to support women during and after pregnancy. She lectures at the British School of Osteopathy and has completed a number of postgraduate trainings including a MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy and a postgraduate diploma in Women’s Health Osteopathy. Avni is also a birth doula and trained with Michel Odent and Doula UK.

    Avni offers osteopathy at camden. For her schedule and prices, please click here.


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