is sugar too sweet for your skin?


We often hear how sugar is bad for us and how it affects our diet and weight. In reality, sugar can also contribute to many skincare concerns, including speeding up the development of wrinkles. Here’s why:

Glycation is the process by which excess sugar can lead to a variety of health concerns – including the skin. Sugar can be digested in many forms, including the consumption of carbohydrates, and it can even be produced when you are making a meal. If there is too much sugar in the body, protein molecules can crosslink with sugar molecules. Once this cross-linking process has occurred, the new sugar proteins are called advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

But here’s the important bit: the human body does not recognise AGEs as normal, and will produce antibodies that cause inflammation in the skin. Once formed, AGEs tend to gravitate toward dermal collagen and elastin. When the body is overwhelmed with AGEs, collagen becomes compromised.

Glycation affects the skin’s structure at the cellular level and may result in wrinkling, loss of elasticity, stiffness, accelerated aging and compromised barrier function.

how do we change it?

It’s surprisingly simple. Apart from the obvious reduction of sugar, taking internal supplements known to fight glycation – such as carnosine, carnitine, pyridoxamine (a derivative of vitamin B-6), thiamine (vitamin B-1), alpha lipoic acid and benfotiamine – is a good start. Be sure to check with your GP before taking supplements.

These internal supplements are becoming more common for external use as glycation-fighters in skincare products. Other interesting ingredients to look for in skincare products include liquorice, blueberries and pomegranate.

Holistic beauty is all about treating the whole person. Apart from adjusting your diet, using the right skincare products, taking supplements and having regular treatments – such as Zone Face Lift – will naturally lift your face and spirit.

Ziggie Bergman is considered to be one of the leading holistic beauty experts in the UK. She is the creator of the Zone Face Lift, which is recommended by Harper’s Bazaar, Mail on Sunday, Cosmopolitan and Get The Gloss. Zone Face Lift is available at triyoga, and Ziggie is offering a workshop on Friday 23rd September titled keep a summer glow. For further information on Zone Face Lift, visit

Ziggie works at triyoga camden. For her schedule and more information, please click here,

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