divine flow energy healing: reconnecting with your true self

Divine flow energy healing works with ideas of interconnectedness – you are not separate from your surroundings, all energy is interconnected, balancing this web of energy can support profound healing. For some, working with unseen energies can bring up many questions. Natural healer and conduit for divine energy and consciousness, Zena Hitchin, answers some of these questions below. First-time clients can enjoy 25% discount during July and August – the perfect excuse to tap into cosmic energy with Zena this summer. 

What is divine flow energy healing?
Since the whole universe is made of energy, everything that exists is part of the same web. Working with this interconnected web to bring harmony and balance is the basis of all energy healing. Aligning our lives with the divine flow of this energy is the heart of spirituality.

Divine flow energy healing is the channeling of energy and consciousness from the deepest source to help you embrace and embody your true nature.

How can divine flow help you?
Reconnecting with your true self can bring about profound change on many levels. It can help to release limiting beliefs, patterns and habits as well as helping to clear past trauma and various kinds of energetic blockage.

By allowing transformation to unfold from the deepest levels, divine flow energy healing supports your return into balance and harmony, empowering you to enjoy your natural state of happiness, health and well-being.

Divine flow energy healing addresses the many diverse symptoms of imbalance and disconnect at their root. It raises consciousness and awakens creativity, works to soothe, heal and restore your body’s subtle energy system, helps to clear emotional blockages, and greatly supports physical health and wellbeing.

What can one expect during a session?
Each session will be different for everyone, clients are invited to relax into the journey, open to the divine flow and allow the deepest levels of meditation, relaxation and energy healing to unfold.

Hands-on and hands-off healing may be used, depending on the client’s needs and my intuitive guidance. The energy may be felt in the form of different sensations – heat, movement, tingling, release, colours. Many clients report mysterious, mystical and even magical experiences that cannot easily be put into words or understood with the mind.

I work with the angelic kingdom, divine beings and ascended masters, along with my specific guides and teachers, who bring through the appropriate healing transmission for each client. In addition to the channeled energies, I use my own vision-inspired sacred geometry artworks as well as sacred sound healing music to support the journey and help transmit high frequencies for healing.

Click here to view Zena’s current schedule and pricing for energy healing and to book a session today. She is also available to give sessions outside of her Tuesday slot on an ad hoc basis. Please contact Zena directly at info@zena.one to arrange ad hoc appointments. First-time clients during July and August 2019 will enjoy a 25% discount during our summer special offer.


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