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a healthy start of spring

Have you noticed the light start to return? The snowdrops are out, the harbinger of Spring.

From a Chinese perspective, we’ve come through the deepest, coldest, most yin time of the year and now the yang energy is starting to build. Yang is all about warmth, activity, movement and growth. We can use this natural return of life-force energy to propel us out of any Wintery stagnation and shake our tailfeathers into Spring.

I find myself writing this with an aureate glow of enthusiasm, as I’m just post juice-cleanse. I’ve compiled a list of tried and tested ideas to help you rest and restore. Perhaps you’re feeling tired or stuck; physically, emotionally, spiritually? I hear you. Perhaps it’s time for a Spring reset.

Before we go any further, I want to stress that this is not about becoming a ‘better person’. In this age of perceived perfection, we don’t need to put any pressure on ourselves to get things anymore ‘right’ than we already are. As a little perfectionist myself, I know how this feels. However, you will still be the unique expression of yourself even if you kick a few habits that have attached themselves. Perhaps you will feel more energised, more positive, more fit, and that is a beautiful thing. You will still have down days, days of struggle and frustration and that’s ok too; that’s life. Please be kind to yourself.

And if you don’t manage any of the suggestions this time, don’t worry! The seeds have already started to germinate, and the right time will come.


health tips to kickstart spring

I suggest you pick one thing to start with, then add something else that may feel more challenging. Try to choose three tasks to complete by the Spring Equinox on 21 March.



Juice/soup cleanse. The ultimate reset! If possible, find a weekend (three days is even better) when you can clear your schedule. Give yourself a week to prepare practically and to get the mind on board. Nourishing your body with organic juices and light soups means your digestion and related organs, the liver and gallbladder, get a rest. Many find that this helps them enter into a more spiritually ‘open’ state.

Please do not embark on a full juice cleanse without adequate guidance or individual support from a health care practitioner. For a detailed how-to guide visit my website.

Kitchari (mung bean) cleanse. If you are very depleted or know you can’t totally clear your schedule – if you have children for example – then a mung bean cleanse may be more suitable. You will still be eating so your energy levels and capacity to function are less compromised. However, as you are on a mono-diet, your digestion only has to recognise one type of food, and it therefore has much less work to do. Mung cleansing is an Ayurvedic tradition, and you can find a useful guide here.

Switch up your usual breakfast for soup. I know: soup for breakfast?! Weird. But it makes total sense, and many cultures around the world eat this way. It’s easy on the digestion, warming, and great for conditions considered “damp” by Chinese medicine such as PCOS, fatigue or sluggish digestion. Try a warming bowl of miso soup with fresh ginger, or creamy vegan courgette and cashew soup. Easily-absorbed nutrients are ideal for convalescence from any illness. If you are open to eating meat, then I suggest using organic 24-hour cooked bone broth as the base for all soups. This powerful medicine is excellent for many conditions from fertility issues to adrenal fatigue, weak bones and joints and beyond.

Lemon water. Before anything else passes your lips in the morning… have hot water with a squeeze of lemon. A super way to flush the liver, kick start your metabolism and alkalise your body. (Then eat a croissant, haha … well, it’s all about balance, right?)

Ease off the caffeine. We all know caffeine is a major stimulant and it can play a part in conditions such as IBS, inflammation and increased anxiety. Switch to water-extracted decaf coffee, matcha or turmeric lattes – or try alternating days.

Turmeric and ginger lemon shot. Either juice your own fresh or buy online. Reduces inflammation and boosts immunity.

Ditch alcohol for 4 weeks. Alcohol, as we all know, affects the liver, the internal detox engine of our bodies. In Chinese medicine the liver is the enemy of Qi (life-force), meaning it can give you short-term relief and then cause Qi to stagnate even more, creating a strong self-perpetuating cycle. Lack of free-flowing liver Qi can be seen in conditions such as depression, anxiety, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and pre-menstrual dysmorphic disorder (PMDD), poor digestion and ME. If you experience alcohol dependence please consult your GP.



Journaling. I recommend keeping a journal to track any changes. A journal is a great way to ‘mind dump’ all that stuff that we carry in our heads and hearts, and that’s very healing in itself.

Dry skin brushing. This easy ritual can be included before your morning shower. Buy a natural bristle brush and brush towards the heart, avoiding the face and nipples. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system to support immune health, sloughs off dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and is highly invigorating and great for dull, Wintery skin. Aim for 5-10 mins per day.

Hot foot soak x 1-2 per week. An excellent and affordable technique that is helpful for insomnia, worry, busy-mind, anxiety, tense muscles, poor circulation or PMS. Find a container that will fit both feet (a washing up bowl is ideal) and add a couple of drops of lavender oil and/or Epsom salts for a relaxing and revitalising treatment. For women who suffer from PMS, PCOS or delayed/irregular periods, use daily for a week in the lead up to expected bleed.

Movement. Find a song for each day of the week that simply lifts your spirits. Put it on as loud as your neighbours and your eardrums can handle and dance around your front room with wild abandon! If you are physically restricted, find a part of your body to move – even a finger works – and notice how your heart is affected by the music. Cardiovascular exercise is of course great for the heart and for general fitness levels, but all movement is also highly beneficial to our mental health. In Chinese medicine the heart is where our ‘Shen’ is housed. This can be loosely translated as our spark of life, our spirit, how we are in the world. If your Shen is feeling a bit dull, then any activity that brings you joy can nourish it.

De-activate one of your social media accounts for a week. Choose one that you can do without for work purposes if possible and switch that energy sucker off! You will now have more time for skin brushing, foot soaks, new projects, hobbies or listening to inspiring talks. You may be amazed at the extra headspace you have.

Couch to 5K. Go on, you’ve been thinking about doing it for ages, haven’t you? Make a plan to start this week.


Eloise Minton is an acupuncturist and naturopathic nutritionist. She is deeply grateful that her work helps to bring more health, growth, acceptance and positive change into people’s lives. Her clinic space is one of compassion and non-judgement. She has over a decade’s worth of experience working with health and detox techniques. She specialises in women’s health and fertility, mental health and migraines.

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