Reinspire and Invigorate Your Practice and Teaching with these 15-minute mini-trainings online

Longtime friend and visiting teacher to triyoga, Jason Crandell, has created 3, 15-minute mini-trainings that will up-level your practice and teaching. He provides practical, helpful insight and techniques that you can apply to your practice and teaching right away. We’d love for you to enjoy these videos and get a sneak peak into how Jason teaches. He’ll be teaching the second module on his 300-hr advance yoga teacher training this August. Enjoy the videos and click the button below for more information about Jason’s training.

Effective Core Strengtheners (And Where to Put Them In Your Sequences)

Learn my favorite go-to yoga core strengtheners–and, where you can put them in your practice and classes to create sustainable, integrated core-strength.

5 Ways to Help Your Students in Wheel Pose

For this first segment, Jason teaches five simple, commonly-overlooked ways to help your students create greater comfort, depth, and space in their Wheel Pose.

Hint: you DON’T need to make your students keep their feet hip-width apart. And, yes, you can even let your students turn their feet out slightly. Learn about these options and more!

5 Postures to Increase Hip Mobility

Learn Jason’s 5 favourite postures and transitions for creating greater hip-mobility. You’ll also learn where I like to include these postures in my personal practice and sequences.

Are you considering getting your advanced teacher training certification?

Jason Crandell, will be joining us soon for his exceptional 300-hr training.  Even if you can’t commit to the full 300-hr training, you can join for a single, week-long immersion to reinvigorate and reinspire yourself!!

To learn more about Jason’s Advanced Training and single modules, click HERE