triyoga talks episode 3: Sharon Gannon on yoga + veganism, consent cards + what makes a good teacher

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Sharon Gannon is an author, musician and animal rights activist. She is perhaps best known as the co-creator of Jivamukti yoga, a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. In this latest episode in our podcast series, she talks with Genny Wilkinson Priest on the nature of teachers and students, her own personal sadhana and more.

When asked if the best yoga teachers are the one who have suffered, she says, “I don’t know if I could say 100 per cent that’s true. What somebody suffers in this lifetime, or doesn’t suffer in this lifetime, doesn’t portray the whole many past lives that that jiva, that individual soul had. So, sometimes, we see people and we say ‘wow, they’re really riding on easy street, they’ve had so much luck in their life,’ but we don’t know what kind of suffering they went through in previous lives.”

On being a student, she says, “A good student should not be an adult, because the definition of an adult is someone who has stopped growing.” On teaching she adds, “You would expect if you were going to a doctor, that the doctor did the job well. We should expect the piano teacher to know how to play piano and have a deep experience with music. A lot of yoga teachers these days don’t go deeply into the yoga practice themselves… If you’re going to devote yourself to yoga, it’s a 24-hour job.”

Sharon Gannon will be teaching two workshops on the 15-16 September at the Oval Space, London. Sign up for the full weekend or individual workshops here.

To purchase Sharon’s best-selling novel “The Magic Ten and Beyond” visit the shop in one of our centres.

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