triyoga talks episode 11: Jason Crandell on his teacher training, politics + the evolution of yoga

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Jason Crandell is an internationally renowned Vinyasa teacher who delivers his highly sought-after teacher training programmes around the globe, as well as writing for major yoga publications and delivering classes online.

In this episode of triyoga talks, Jason answers some tough questions on the upcoming generation of yoga teachers, how yoga is evolving – for better or worse – in modern times, and whether yoga and politics should go hand in hand.

On his 300-hour teacher training programme he says, “What I saw is that we needed fewer 200-hour programmes and that we needed to take [this] student base and provide a forum that allowed them to have additional levels of education.”

He adds that new teachers should not be afraid to find their own voice and modify teachings, as long as they have a solid educational framework to work from: “What I think we need, is people who have structure but the capacity to develop their own focal points, voice and personality, and to put their own values within that structure.”

When asked what globalisation and modernisation has brought – or taken away – from yoga he says, “In terms of physicality and biomechanics, I think we are continuing to go in a much better direction, as we are getting away from some of the inaccurate and ‘magical’ thinking about how bodies work.”

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Jason Crandell will be coming to triyoga Camden in January and February 2019 to deliver a three-day teacher programme, as well as a weekend workshop – the next evolution of vinyasa yoga. He will also be returning in August 2019 to deliver his 300-hour advanced teacher training programme. For more information on all of his upcoming workshops and trainings at triyoga, click here.

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