Faith Hunter on emotional self-care + inclusivity: triyoga talks episode 32

Faith Hunter yoga

At the height of the HIV/AIDS hysteria of the ’80s, Faith Hunter’s two brothers were diagnosed HIV positive after being treated for Hemophilia with contaminated blood. The experience brought her closer to her family, taught her how to express herself and, ultimately, took her to the mat. Now, she owns her own studio in Washington, D.C and works to help as many people as possible heal their wounds through yoga – whether they be emotional or physical.

This episode Faith goes deep on difficult topics like losing a sibling to AIDS, learning to care for ourselves when we are taught only to care for others and what it means to ‘ghost your feelings’.

We also talked to Faith about being a person of colour in the yoga world, holding more space for those who need it and serving our entire community – not just those who agree with us. It’s a must-listen episode for everyone looking for answers to the tough questions and some inspiration along the way.

Click here to learn more about Faith’s workshop on 20th March – ‘chakra healing: body + soul’.

Click here to learn more about Faith’s workshop on 21st – 22nd March – ‘heart-centre healing: movement, meditation + sound’.

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