Dianne Bondy on activism + inclusion: triyoga talks episode 24

Dianne Bondy blog on representation and diversity, yoga is for everyone triyoga

Dianne Bondy is a yoga teacher on a mission. A mission to tear down the walls of the yoga industrial complex to make space for people of colour, older people, disabled people, transgendered people and people of all shapes and size. Never one afraid to confront and call out injustice or exclusion, Dianne is a passionate social activist leading a rebellion against the homogenisation of yoga and in the process slowly — but surely — inspiring change.

This episode of triyoga talks is a frank conversation packed with wisdom, uncomfortable truths and infectious laughter – things we’ve come to know and love about Dianne. She shares what it’s like being a full-bodied, black yoga teacher and how yoga can help with body image. She also shines a light on the invisible barriers of inclusion and provides steps that studios and teachers can make towards creating more inclusive spaces.

On the topic of yoga centres being a place on inclusivity, Diane is quoted as saying:


“I’m so encouraged – especially during these times – that some disruptors and agitators are showing society, media and spaces of yoga that yoga should be inclusive and be used as a tool for uniting us, instead of dividing.”

Dianne is teaching an online workshop with triyoga on Saturday, 19th September 2020 – ‘creating accessible spaces: taking yoga off the mat + into the community’. Click here for more details.

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