ditching old thinking habits by transforming your beliefs

“Just as the silkworm spins its cocoon and gets caught in it, you have woven the web of your concepts and are caught up in them.” – Yoga Vashista

Have you ever found yourself getting caught up in your ideas about people, the world and life?
Do you feel stuck and trapped?
Do you feel the world is out to get you?
Do you ever react in ways that remind you of childhood?
Or do you find yourself in repetitive cycles like Groundhog Day?

These are your beliefs operating in the unconscious realm.

Think of your beliefs as a lens of perception like rose-tinted glasses. When you’re wearing them, what you see is rose-tinted. If you like rose tint, then life is rose-y! If, however, that’s not your taste, you might feel that everything seems stupid, fake or unreal.

The way we think and perceive the world influences our experience.

“We can be spiritually awake and psychologically immature (and vice versa),” says Sarah Powers, one of my teachers. She talks about how yoga can wake us up, but we still have to actively grow up psychologically.

We’ve received many beliefs in our lifetime especially during infancy when we soaked up whatever was in our environment. The problem with beliefs is that they continue to run in our subconscious, whether or not they’re still relevant.

In my forthcoming workshop Transform Your Beliefs, I’ll introduce you to a technology to shift old ways of thinking. You’ll transform disempowering, out-of-date beliefs into creative and empowering beliefs. You’ll create real transformation in your life. You’ll elevate yourself to your highest

What I love about the Clear Your Beliefs method is that it’s fun and works with the imagination, similar to yoga nidra. I use the technique to help me get to the roots of my reactions. Once I know what and how my beliefs are unconsciously driving me, then I can transmute them like alchemy.

If you’re ready for the next step in your evolution, I’d love for you to join me next month for my workshop at triyoga Chelsea. We’ll start the session with a short physical yoga practice to ground and prepare the body for sitting. Then, we’ll journey into the subconscious and supra-conscious (or Higher Self) for some transformative work. Please come dressed in practice clothes. Due to the nature of the work, places will be limited so advance booking recommended.

join Ruth in chelsea
transform your beliefs workshop
friday 11th august, 7.30 – 9.30pm

Ruth initially started dabbling in yoga to complement her work as a professional dancer over 9 years ago. After discovering teachers that integrated yoga philosophy alongside the asana, the missing link that she instinctively felt, she decided to develop her practice by taking a teacher training course and gained her certification from triyoga in 2010. Since then, she has taught several dance companies and at several yoga centres, where she focusses on alignment and using it to create spaciousness in the body. Ruth encourages a sense of self-exploration, curiosity and playfulness, all the while being guided by our own breath.

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